Pacific Ocean

12 Amazing Facts About Water

There is the same amount of water on earth today as when the earth w… MORE >
Drought Response

Drought Response: California vs. Texas

Both the drought in California and the drought in Texas are severe a… MORE >
Smother the lawn

4 Ways To Kill Your Lawn

Everyday I read about the benefits of killing your lawn and converti… MORE >
Alliance of Water Management Avengers

Irrigation Man Debuts at Comic-Con

Did you see Irrigation Man at Comic-Con last week? His debut was rum… MORE >
DIG, Orbit and RainBird manifolds

Are You Using The Best Point Source Emitter Manifold?

Recently I had the “pleasure” of seeing multiple point s… MORE >
Water Restriction Violation

5 Things You Need To Know: New Water Restrictions In California

The State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) approved emergency d… MORE >
Smart Irrigation Month Coloring Book Cover

Is Smart Irrigation Really the Smart Choice

July is the Irrigation Association’s Smart Irrigation Month. T… MORE >

How To Make Smart Irrigation Month Work For You

For those of us who subscribe to the blog, every month is Smart Irri… MORE >
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