iPhone 6 plus, Apple Watch and iOS8 will disrupt the way we do many things. Will irrigation management be one of the functions disrupted?

How iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Watch and iOS 8 Will Disrupt Irrigation Management

Will the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Watch and iOS 8 really disrupt the way… MORE >
San Diego County Water Authority - When In Drought Magnet

Californians Unite Against Drought

Even as Californians unite against drought, I have been forced to bu… MORE >
Save Power Save Water Save Money

Want to Start Saving Power, Water and Money?

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Labor Day 2014

Labor Day 2014 in the World of Water Management

    To the Irrigation Technicians, Irrigation Supervisors,… MORE >
Pacific Ocean

12 Amazing Facts About Water

There is the same amount of water on earth today as when the earth w… MORE >
Drought Response

Drought Response: California vs. Texas

Both the drought in California and the drought in Texas are severe a… MORE >
Smother the lawn

4 Ways To Kill Your Lawn

Everyday I read about the benefits of killing your lawn and converti… MORE >
Alliance of Water Management Avengers

Irrigation Man Debuts at Comic-Con

Did you see Irrigation Man at Comic-Con last week? His debut was rum… MORE >
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