Oct 2014

  • WaterSage Cloud Irrigation Controller

    Cloud on the Floor of WaterSmart Innovations

    We love techie water management solutions…especially water management solutions housed in the cloud. Here are a few of the cloud (and one non-cloud) based water management solutions we saw displayed on the floor of the Expo. WaterSage by OnPointe EcoSystems WaterSage is a WiFi, weather-based, EPA WaterSense labeled, cloud irrigation controller with an intuitive wizard to assist with the programming. The wizard uses text and pictures to guide the user through the information needed for an ET based controller to... MORE >

  • Time to vote for water

    Proposition 1 – A Chance for Californians To Improve Their Water Problems

    Proposition 1 gives Californians the opportunity to take control of their water supply and rely less on moving water around the state and less on importing water from the Colorado River.  Proposition 1 increases water supplies where they are needed and reduces the cost and amount of electricity needed to move water.  Estimates show 19% of the energy used in California is for moving water. The majority of water in California is surface water, meaning coming primarily from rivers in... MORE >

  • Smart Irrigation Controller Installation

    3 Brilliant Studies Support Smart Irrigation Controllers

    These three studies supporting evapotranspiration (ET) based smart irrigation controllers were from over 100 education sessions at the most recent WaterSmart Innovations Conference. The first two studies focused on what happens in regards to the way water and smart irrigation controllers are used in the field by real people. The third was a controlled study proving significant water savings from ET based smart irrigation controller. Where the Water Goes Morgan Shimabuku from the Center for ReSource Conservation in Boulder, CO... MORE >

  • Painting Turf

    Four Tips For Painting Your Lawn Green

    If you still want a green lawn but don’t want to pay the high cost for water ,  or have water restrictions that don’t allow for you to keep it green or maybe you just want to do your part for water conservation, painting your lawn green is an option.  Aesthetically I believe having your lawn all one color is important.  I don’t think it matters much if that color is all brown or all green.  When we discuss brown... MORE >

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