• 7 Innovative Irrigation Products Photo

    Top 7 Innovative Irrigation Products

    Top 7 innovative irrigation products in the past 5 years…says who? VCTO reached out to irrigation industry expert Brent Mecham who serves as the Industry Development Director for the Irrigation Association for his opinion. Prior to the last 6 years with the IA, Mecham spent over 13 years with the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District as the Landscape Irrigation Management and Conservation Specialist. He also has a few initials (certifications) after his name including CAIS, CGIA, CIC, CID, CIT, CLIA and... MORE >

  • Water rates are up making water waste costly

    Water Rates on the Rise: 6 Ways to Save [Infographic]

    Ben Franklin wrote, “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” The new addendum should be, “and the rising cost of water.” USA Today, The Oregonian, ValleyCrest Takes On and now Fast Company have taken notice, attributing the water rate increases to aging infrastructure and the rising cost of energy. Regardless of the reasons, water rate increases have us all feeling squeezed whether it be your personal family income or property management budget. The good thing is, there is something you can do... MORE >

  • where the streets have no name

    Sharing the Savings — “Where the Streets Have No Name”

        Water-related charities are dear to my heart (Read how you can help, one way I help, and why it’s important.) so I love seeing companies sharing their resources to help bring clean water to people in need. Earlier this year I was invited to Central America to help drill a well with WeatherMatic, as part of their Save Water | Give Life campaign. I wasn’t able to go this time, but I made them promise to tell me all about it when... MORE >

  • ValleyCrest Water Analysis Report

    Innovative Ideas Light up High Performance Building Summit

    Building Innovations Imagine a light bulb with a smart chip that uses 60 percent less energy, cuts itself off when there’s no one in the room and goes into an alarm mode, blinking on and off if fire breaks out. Or glass that responds to temperature and light conditions to significantly reduce energy uses by the traditional building HVAC systems. What about a leading ad agency office with no desks, only benches, or a design-office for 30-somethings that features roll-up,... MORE >

  • Xeri-Bird in a Box

    Drip Conversion – Variations on a Theme

    Further Adventures in Drip Conversion: In my last post I wrote about converting from individual point source emitters to a drip emitter line in a portion of my yard .  That project was relatively easy in that each of my two parkway areas were already partially irrigated by an emitter line system.  All I had to do was modify the existing supply header and add new drip lines to extend to the underserved end of each parkway where I installed a terminal... MORE >

  • Trilogy Lake Center

    Water Management 102

    Each day I become more aware how important it is to educate customers about proper water management.  When customers understand the premises of water management, they value the benefits of certifications, case studies, and training a professional contractor provides through a team of expert water managers. Trilogy at Glen Ivy is a development that understands the value of proper water management.  It is located in the heart of Southern California’s Temescal Valley less than an hour from Los Angeles, Orange... MORE >

  • Dry Lands Design Conference Cover Art

    Drylands Design Conference – The Challenge of Adaptive Design

    On March 22 I attended the Dry Lands Design Conference.  The event was co-hosted by the California Architectural Foundation and the Arid Lands Institute, the brainchild of Co-Directors Hadley and Peter Arnold, faculty in the Architecture program at Woodbury University in Burbank,California.  The Conference was held on the Woodbury campus where it brought together noted experts from academia, architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, infrastructure, and public policy to consider the topic of “Adaptive Design”. The goal of the gathering was to... MORE >

  • Yeast

    An Environment Tipping Point Case Study

    This post had crossed my mind to write but I dismissed it as a bit “preachy” until I read Alan Harris’ recent piece about re-tweeting the Laura Huffman lectures at Rice University.  I am not yet tweet-savvy so my interest was in Ms. Huffman’s topic and not on the efficacy of tweetups as a viable means of amplifying the dissemination of relevant and topical information (there is probably a master’s thesis in there somewhere).  I wanted to illustrate the concept... MORE >

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