• Sustainable Water Drop by William Warby

    Best Sustainable Water Option for Irrigation

    What is the best sustainable water option for irrigation? Well (pun intended), it depends on where you live and whether you are building a new or retrofitting an existing irrigation system. But first let’s review sustainability.  What is Sustainability? There are 3 basic pillars of sustainability which must be considered and kept in balance: • Environmental • Social • Economic  Sustainable Water Source Options • Potable – traditionally the “go to” source for irrigation water. Metered, getting more expensive and for the last 100... MORE >

  • Water Well for California Drought

    Resources for the California Drought

    The ridiculously resistant high Many scientists believe the California drought is being caused by a huge high pressure zone off the coast of California.  The zone of high pressure is 4 miles high and 2000 miles long.  The jet stream that would normally drop down into California this time of year has bumped off this high pressure ridge and been diverted to Alaska, British Columbia and the East Coast.  This high pressure ridge has been around for over a year. ... MORE >

  • Sample of a smart controller water budget report

    The Power of Smart Controllers

    The power of smart controllers comes from using the “smart” features as a tool to manage water. I remember the first time I looked at an Excel spreadsheet I asked a colleague what is all the fuss about? It just looks like a sheet of graph paper to me.  I couldn’t believe there wasn’t some type of template already embedded so I could easily manipulate data.  As I learned more about Excel I started to better comprehend the power.   Understanding... MORE >

  • Dragon's Blood Sedum with shrubs of Dymondia Omit Heath

    Top Drought-Tolerant Plants for California

    Times have changed. Ten years ago drought-tolerant landscaping was a tough sell. Clients wanted green, lots of it, and that meant water-thirsty lawns and trees. While some of that attitude still prevails, landscapers are increasingly turning to drought-tolerant landscaping as a way to preserve resources and save costs. It’s a good thing. January and February of 2013 were the driest on record in California history and experts in climate change think that big, intense wildfires will become the new normal.... MORE >

  • Underwatered landscaping

    Four Signs You Are Underwatering Your Plants

    A few weeks ago I wrote an article concerning signs you are overwatering your plants.  It created interest in overwatering, but also sparked interests in the subject of underwatering plants.   Since some of the signs of overwatering and underwatering plants look very similar, I am sharing some signs of underwatering. 1.  Your plant is wilting Wilting is a sign of both underwatering and overwatering your plants.  In the case of underwatering the plant, when you feel the leaves you will... MORE >

  • Truck Mounted Well Drill Rig

    9 Questions To Ask Before Drilling A Water Well

    Whether you are thinking about drilling a water well on your property or considering buying land and would like to know the potential for success for drilling on that property, there are many questions you need to answer. There are no simple solutions, no detailed maps of ground-water presence, and no guarantees. Drilling can be very expensive and the potential for success varies.  Also, regulations and permitting is different from state to state and even county to county.  But information... MORE >

  • Why did the drought tolerant, native plant die?

    5 Reasons Why Your Drought Tolerant, Native Plants Died

    Yeah! You made the effort to be green and you jumped on the conserve water, only use drought tolerant, native plants sustainability bandwagon and what happened? The plants died and you want to know WHY??? Here are 5 reasons why your drought tolerant, native plants died. Fact: All plants need some water. Yes, plants can be drought tolerant, but unless they are petroleum based (plastic), silk or preserved. They are going to need some water. Fact: All plants need more... MORE >

  • Not all signs of too much water are this easy to spot.

    Four Signs You Are Overwatering Your Plants

    Giving your plants too much water is one of the biggest issues I see in landscapes today.  The mistake of overwatering your plants is not easy to diagnose.  In many instances too much water mimics the signs of too little water.  Below are four signs you can easily recognize to determine if you are giving your landscape too much water. Your plant is wilting but it looks like it has plenty of water Roots are critical to plant life. They... MORE >

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