• Salt Water in a Glass

    Desalination – A Foolproof Solution for Water Scarcity?

    71% of the earth is covered by oceans and weekly I get the same question – Why don’t we just use ocean water to solve the water problems you keep talking about? Removing salt from water, especially ocean water in coastal communities is an option for solving our water issues.  Desalination is the process used to remove salt and minerals from seawater or brackish water (brackish water is less salty than sea water and more salty than fresh water and... MORE >

  • Miracle Machine Water to Wine

    Miracle Machine: Water to Wine

    Friends and readers of VCTO know I love wine and you probably figured out water is also an interest of mine. So when my boss sent me a link about the Miracle Machine that turns water to wine in only 3 days with just $2 of ingredients I was hooked. Just to make sure the $499 product was legit, I found articles by Time magazine as well as Discovery News about the Miracle Machine! There is even an “app for that”... MORE >

  • Bond

    The Water Bond – 2014

    We learned about water stocks and water banks so it just seems natural to make the next step to water bonds.  In this case specifically, the California Water Bond or as many people like to refer to it as – The Safe, Clean, and Reliable Drinking Water Supply Act.  The hope is with additional funding of $11 billion, residents of California can rest knowing they won’t have to worry about water for the next 50 years or so.  The Water... MORE >

  • 2 Broken Heads via @IMSh2o

    5 Steps to Get Smart: Fix a Leak this Week

    March 17 – 23 is the official EPA WaterSense Fix a Leak Week. Coincidentally, this week Richard Restuccia and I are presenting to 50 Green Knights, who are the champions of sustainability for CBRE. Last week Richard and I were discussing the presentation with Lisa Colicchio, Director of Operations, Sustainability for CBRE. The main topic of our presentation is improving water conservation through technology. However, before we go all smart controller and flow meter on the group, we will remind... MORE >

  • Lake Mead

    The Water Bank — Water For A Not So Rainy Day

    Water banks have been operating for years now, but generally not known to anyone outside the water industry.  Thanks to a recent withdrawal by Metropolitan Water District of Southern California of 80,000 acre-feet from their water savings account in Lake Mead last year and the announcement of another withdrawal soon, (estimated to be twice as large as the last one) many people are now learning about and discussing water banks. What is a water bank The term water banking describes... MORE >

  • Water Balloon

    10 Important Reasons Water is Better than Helium

    Even though Helium won an Oscar in 2014, water is still better. Some readers may wonder about the source of inspiration for this post. I read Flipboard on my iPad almost every night. I have several boards about water and several on business. One night while reading Forbes, an article about helium caught my attention. As I read the article I found myself mentally comparing helium with water. Balloons quickly popped in my head and seven more ideas followed. Irrigation and smart... MORE >

  • Drought Reservior by flickrohit

    Severe Drought — H2 Uh Oh!

    California Governor Jerry Brown’s recent State of Emergency Proclamation on drought conditions has focused attention on water scarcity and the need for efficient water use. Texas is also experiencing severe drought conditions.  Colorado, Nevada, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida have all felt the effects of drought recent years as well. The good news in all this bad drought news is there are still lots of basic, inexpensive ways to save outdoor irrigation water.  A decrease of outdoor water use by just... MORE >

  • ValleyCrest worker adjusting a smart controller

    Avoid Irritation With Smart Irrigation Solutions

    Don’t let your irrigation system leave you dry. With a few simple solutions and some proactive measures you can maximize the benefits and minimize the common headaches from your irrigation system. Read on, take note, and may your landscapes thrive and your headaches go away. Budgeting – Building your budget? We are here to help! Your landscape partner can give you budget recommendations outlining costs for ongoing proactive maintenance specific to your system including inspections, winterizing (if needed), system improvements,... MORE >

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