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  • Landscape Industry Show Floor 2011

    Don’t Miss This Year’s Landscape Industry Show

    Next week is the 2012 Landscape Industry Show sponsored by the California Landscape Contractor’s Association.  The show is titled “Back in the Game” and if you ask me, the CLCA has gotten back in the game.  The past few years I believe the show experienced a decrease in attendance, but this year the CLCA is back with some new offerings and I think this year has the potential to be one of the best. Your Chance to Get in the... MORE >

  • AWK Stock Performance

    Who Will Get Rich from Water’s Scarcity?

    Today the commodity receiving the most interest is gold, but water is the one commodity we can’t live without.  As National Geographic put it back in 1993, “All the water that will ever be is, right now.”  Our supply of water is limited, but as long as we demand to water our lawns at noon or having lawns in sweltering climates, increased demand should amount to an increase in prices.  The only question that remains is, who will get rich... MORE >

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