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  • For the love of trees reusable grocery bag from ValleyCrest

    How You Are Paying For The Drought!

    As I walk out of the grocery store with two bags of groceries (in recyclable grocery bags of course) costing almost $80 I start to contemplate how bad is this drought?  Recently corn prices topped $8.00 a bushel (a 50% increase from a month ago) and soybeans crossed the $17 a bushel mark.  These are prices we have never seen before in the world.  This  also causes meat prices to rise dramatically as well because  grain is used to feed... MORE >

  • 08.23.12

    Are We Wasting the Drought?

    We’ve always exalted Charles Fishman’s book The Big Thirst on our blog, but recently he wrote an article for the New York Times I think just missed its mark in a couple of ways.  Charles Fishman is an asset to our industry and an excellent proponent for water management in the United States so I was excited to see him get space in the New York Times and use it to call for changes in water management.  I thought much... MORE >

  • 05.17.12

    Water Awareness Month — Help Spread the Word!

    May is water awareness month in California and the majority of people I speak with don’t know about the campaign.  The California Water Awareness Campaign is a yearlong effort by organizations in California to heighten public awareness of water.  This has been happening since 1989. This year there are over 70 cities and water agencies contributing to the program and approximately 300 water agencies, farm bureaus, and various other organizations throughout California who will participate in this year’s campaign. The... MORE >

  • water is not an option

    Water is Not an Option

    Did you read Martha’s post about Tweetups? Did you think she was a little crazy? Did you say to yourself, Yeah, right! Who would actually do something like a Tweetup? Ummm….ME! In the fall of 2011 I had the honor of listening to Laura Huffman, Executive Director of The Nature Conservancy of Texas speak at the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy at Rice University. The topic of her conversation was “Water Is Not An Option: Texas’ Broken... MORE >

  • Fix a Leak Week

    Spread the word about WaterSense Fix a Leak Week!

    This week, March 12th thru 18th marks the EPA’s 4th annual Fix a Leak Week and as landscape irrigation professionals there are many things we can do to educate our customers to increase their awareness of the importance of fixing leaks. According to EPA Administrator, Lisa P. Jackson, “Across the country, household leaks add up to more than 1 trillion gallons of water annually. The amount we’re losing could supply Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami for a full year. We’re... MORE >

  • Sustainable Urban Landscape Conference: The Bottom Line for Green is Black

    The Bottom Line for Green is Black

    The theme for the fourth annual Sustainable Urban Landscape conference being held at Cuyamaca College March 8 is “The Bottom Line for Green is Black,” examining the ways that good landscaping practices can be a profitable business model in addition to helping the environment. Architect John Picard, known as the “green prophet” for his pioneering work in sustainability is the key note speaker for event. He was a founding member of the U.S. Green Building Council, a trade organization that... MORE >

  • 01.24.12

    What’s Not To Love About Water…Fountains?

    Previously in I LOVE WATER…FOUNTAINS (But Not Everyone Does) it was clear I have some favorite water fountains. So, who doesn’t love water fountains? Namely owners and here are three reasons why: Illegal Water Use – during times of drought municipalities often implement water restrictions which may require the water  fountains to be turned off. Power – water weighs 8.34 pounds per gallon, which means Buckingham Fountain moves about 3500 tons of water each hour which takes a lot of energy and... MORE >

  • Extreme!

    Are you obsessed?

    Some of us get a little carried away when it comes to the things we’re passionate about. Not sure if you’re going overboard? Here’s how you can tell. You might be obsessed with water management if: You wish commercial buildings had “How’s my irrigation system?” hotlines because you would call to report deficiencies On a romantic evening stroll, you stop to adjust errant pop-up heads in strangers’ yards You knock on the bathroom door to remind your guest not to flush... MORE >

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