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  • Vertically grown strawberries

    Garden Up! Vertical Gardening for Small and Large Spaces

    What is vertical gardening? The best way to maximize outdoor spaces and create drama in your garden. In the book Garden Up! (An Amazon Best Books of 2011 selection) you’ll see many examples, such as growing edibles up a wall or learning which edibles double as ornamentals.   Have a landscape eyesore? You’ll find lots of solutions in Garden Up! You’ll get ideas on how to create focal points with arbors. You will see ideas for repurposing materials such as file... MORE >

  • Sustainable Urban Landscape Conference: The Bottom Line for Green is Black

    The Bottom Line for Green is Black

    The theme for the fourth annual Sustainable Urban Landscape conference being held at Cuyamaca College March 8 is “The Bottom Line for Green is Black,” examining the ways that good landscaping practices can be a profitable business model in addition to helping the environment. Architect John Picard, known as the “green prophet” for his pioneering work in sustainability is the key note speaker for event. He was a founding member of the U.S. Green Building Council, a trade organization that... MORE >

  • Southfork Snake River

    I’ve got to admit it’s getting better

    By the 22nd century the Earth will be breathing its last breath; the sky will no longer be visible through the pollution, people will have to wear special breathing masks because the air will be so unhealthy, humans will be so dependent on manufactured foods that they won’t even have the stomach enzymes to digest “real” food and the majority of plant and animal life will be extinct. At least that’s the premise of Terra Nova, Steven Spielberg’s new sci fi show on Fox... MORE >

  • Lunch box

    Uninvited Parenting Advice: Humiliation

    Humiliation builds character. That’s the first line in The Parenting Handbook, right? I haven’t read it, but most parents rely heavily on this character-building tactic, so I can only assume. The following are a few key ways to grow your child into a water-conscious, environmentally savvy adult through simple, inexpensive embarrassment techniques that any parent can master. #1: Reuse things. According to the EPA, each child who brings a brown bag lunch to school every day generates about 67 pounds... MORE >

  • H2Overhaul

    The H2O Overhaul Challenge

    “H2Overhaul” seeks best ideas to include in next-generation water efficiency building projects around the world. Cassandra Cappello of Jovoto sent me the information below and I think this is an excellent opportunity for you to show others how you are literally saving water.  The challenge stared a few weeks ago, but there is still plenty of time for you to submit your concepts.  Please take a look,  rise up and accept the challenge. Come and check out one of the... MORE >

  • Iguacu Falls by Frans Lanting via

    The Facts of Life

    The earth is flat, it’s the center of the universe, and it will always have plenty of freshwater for everyone. Some things we accept as fact for so long that we would never bother questioning them. But when contrary evidence starts to pop up, how long will it take to convert our former tightly-held beliefs and adapt our lifestyles to the new facts? The amount of moisture on Earth has not changed. The water the dinosaurs drank millions of years... MORE >

  • 05.11.11

    The Birth of Native Landscapes in Masterplans

    What you see is a variety of native trees, shrubs, grasslands and wildflowers that provide a seamless transition from the developed areas into the adjacent natural open space.  Irrigation will only be applied to the trees and shrubs planted closest to homes and other structures, and isolated pockets of trees and shrubs on the upper slopes.  All other areas will be established through hydroseed application during the natural rainy season.  This method, while unconventional in terms of use in ornamental landscape,... MORE >

  • Inspect

    Inspect What You Expect

    We have all heard the term, “Inspect what you expect.”  Measurement of performance is one of the quickest ways to inspire change.  The landscape irrigation industry could benefit from better tools to measure the amount of water used on a daily basis. The non-profit group Charity Water ( recently focused on a project done at Teague, a manufacturing firm. Teague measured the amount of water flowing through their office kitchen faucet.  They were concerned about this because of the ease... MORE >

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