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  • 05.19.11

    Signing Off On Your Landscape Design Can Mean Signing Up For High Water Bills

    It is important to evaluate water-use requirements for your landscape just as closely as you evaluate the look and feel of the design. In fact, a design approach that doesn’t take into consideration consumption can be costly down the road. As part of my estimating process, I evaluate water-use on a given site by plant material category so I can group together plant material with similar water-use requirements.  For example, I will look at water-use for sod, native seed and... MORE >

  • Sustainable landscaping

    10 Sustainable Landscape Tips

    Protect your landscape while making smarter use of vital natural resources. Sustainable landscaping is good for the environment and can impact the bottom line as well. Here are some landscape best practices that can improve a property and save money. Design your landscape with local climate, soil conditions and water requirements in mind. Create water zones so that plants with similar needs are grouped together and irrigation is more efficient. Reduce fertilizer requirements, improve pest tolerance and reduce green waste... MORE >

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