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  • Jelly Beans

    Jelly Belly sets a high standard

    Or: How Mr. Jelly Belly Keeps His Toes Dry I’m getting used to reading press releases about ValleyCrest’s newest water saving partnerships. In July it was a couple homeowners associations in the Phoenix area (Remember Water Savings Worth Singing About?), in August it’s the Jelly Belly Candy Company corporate campus. This time ValleyCrest teamed up with HydroPoint Data Systems, Inc. and Jelly Belly to implement the WeatherTRAK Smart Water Management solutions on five and a half acres of turf, trees and shrubs... MORE >

  • 07.26.11

    4 Myths About Water Harvesting in Dry Lands

    Unless you’re a passionate water conservationist (or a hippie farmer), water harvesting may sound like some futuristic nonsense to you, especially if you’re wondering what water is available for harvesting in the desert or other dry climate. Water harvesting does not just mean rainwater; graywater is any water generated in the home except water from toilets and the kitchen sink. 70% of our water usage goes to our landscapes but 50-80% of our graywater is reusable, so why pour perfectly... MORE >

  • Phoenix and its neighboring suburbs.

    Are City-Dwellers Better Water Savers Than Suburbanites?

    Water conservation is a hot topic in the desert, with threats of brown-outs in the next few years and drought constantly looming. Or, at least I thought it was a hot topic until I went looking for water conservation rebates in Phoenix. I found a few sites with comprehensive lists of rebates available around the Valley and was quite impressed as I scrolled through. The cities of Avondale, Chandler and Gilbert offer rebates for installing a smart controller on your... MORE >

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