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  • 07.26.11

    4 Myths About Water Harvesting in Dry Lands

    Unless you’re a passionate water conservationist (or a hippie farmer), water harvesting may sound like some futuristic nonsense to you, especially if you’re wondering what water is available for harvesting in the desert or other dry climate. Water harvesting does not just mean rainwater; graywater is any water generated in the home except water from toilets and the kitchen sink. 70% of our water usage goes to our landscapes but 50-80% of our graywater is reusable, so why pour perfectly... MORE >

  • free water

    Water is Free

    Want Free Water? Water is free and I will prove it to you. Take a bucket to the nearest creek, river, pond, lake or ocean. Dip it into the water and take it home. How much did it cost Okay, maybe not totally free. The bucket cost you or somebody else (if you picked it up on the side of the road) and of course it cost you time and the energy to tote the bucket, but the actual water... MORE >

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