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  • Water Conservation in 5-4-3-2-1

    Water Conservation Confessions of a College Girl (Pt. 1)

      Water conservation comes in many shapes and sizes from large commercial solutions to commitments in your personal life. Water conservation devices like ET based irrigation controllers, flow sensors and rotating stream nozzles can help you be water smart outdoors, but there are also smart water solutions for indoors. Long term readers will remember my water use comment on my daughter’s showers and her witty rebuttal. The following is the story of her water conservation experience while traveling with the... MORE >

  • ValleyCrest Water Analysis Report

    Innovative Ideas Light up High Performance Building Summit

    Building Innovations Imagine a light bulb with a smart chip that uses 60 percent less energy, cuts itself off when there’s no one in the room and goes into an alarm mode, blinking on and off if fire breaks out. Or glass that responds to temperature and light conditions to significantly reduce energy uses by the traditional building HVAC systems. What about a leading ad agency office with no desks, only benches, or a design-office for 30-somethings that features roll-up,... MORE >

  • 03.05.13

    Tips Every Property Manager Must Know to Save Water and Money

    According to the Environmental Protection Agency a municipal water main breaks every 2 minutes in the United States. If you live in a major city and watch the local evening news chances are likely you heard about a water main break in the past week. A quick search of Google News returned 13,400 stories about water main breaks in the past 7 days! Statistics are not kept for private irrigation main line breaks, but they certainly occur much more frequently... MORE >

  • Slip n Slide

    Water Under the Bridge

    As I grow older it seems I am taking more time to reflect on where I’ve been and where I’m going.  Although I strongly believe in water conversation, I wasn’t always so inclined.  Really, most people weren’t. Back in the day water wasn’t really looked upon as a resource.  It was, well, just water. This wasn’t the case for my parents who grew up in the Oklahoma dust bowl era but for me, a kid in the 60’s, water was... MORE >

  • Low water use landscape

    10 Low Water-Use Landscape Design Ideas

    Water Smart garden design is easy. Below are a few basics that can make any garden Water Smart. By incorporating these basics, success will come easy to those who take on the challenge. Water-smart landscapes are not rock and cactus. A well-designed Xeriscape landscape should look like it belongs in any popular home and gardening magazine. Additionally, you don’t need to totally redo your yard to achieve substantial water savings. Many simple ideas can be incorporated into your existing landscapes.... MORE >

  • 08.23.12

    Are We Wasting the Drought?

    We’ve always exalted Charles Fishman’s book The Big Thirst on our blog, but recently he wrote an article for the New York Times I think just missed its mark in a couple of ways.  Charles Fishman is an asset to our industry and an excellent proponent for water management in the United States so I was excited to see him get space in the New York Times and use it to call for changes in water management.  I thought much... MORE >

  • 07.26.12

    ValleyCrest in the News

    Did you know you can find articles by and about our bloggers all over the Web? If you enjoy reading ValleyCrest Takes On, check out these other resources to learn more! And don’t forget, you can follow on Twitter at @ValleyCrest. July IA Member Update spring newsletter: Richard offers a contractors’ perspective on the grassroots advocacy program Associa Living: On Associa’s website for Community Associations, Alan explains the value of adaptive plants and Richard shares summer turf watering tips. SHADE... MORE >

  • Lyme Park Mansion

    Sensor Sensibility – Making Smart Controllers Smart

    I recently wed my long-term girlfriend after some 23 years of extended dating.  We held our ceremony at the Ardbeg distillery on Islay, Scotland (pronounced Eye-lah).  We then stole away for a few days in the Lake District of Northern England. Some of you may recognize “The Lakes” as the home of Beatrix Potter and the setting of Jane Austen’s beloved social commentary / romance novels.  So for a couple of days, I got to play Mr. Darcy, strolling the... MORE >

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