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  • Gabi H2O edutainment cards for playing water war.

    Edutainment: #1 Fun Way to Promote Water Conservation Behavior

    If you were born in the 1960’s or later you grew up with edutainment. (Think Sesame Street, Magic School Bus, Blue’s Clues, Dora the Explorer, etc.) Edutainment is the portmanteau formed by the words “education” and “entertainment”. In most cases edutainment is focused on school aged children who also happen to serve as a great conduit to help train their parents. My first introduction to child focused edutainment for water conservation was at the WaterSmart Innovations Conference in 2012 where... MORE >

  • WaterSmart Innovations 2013

    Get Smarter About Water Conservation at WaterSmart Innovations

    What happens in Vegas…can help save the world or at least water. WaterSmart Innovations Conference and Exposition will be held for the sixth year on October 2-4, 2013. WaterSmart Innovations showcases new water-efficiency technology; builds and strengthens effective, interdisciplinary relationships and establishes you and your company as a leader in innovative water efficiency. Leading the conference is Doug Bennett, Conservation Manager at Southern Nevada Water Authority. Doug is not your typical conservation manager. He literally began his career “in the... MORE >

  • Water Conservation meets long hot showers

    Water Conservation Confessions of a College Girl (Pt. 2)

    What does a girl do when the 5 minute timer ends and the soothing hot shower comes to an abrupt end? In part 1 my daughter provided background while studying abroad in New Zealand with the UGA Discover Abroad Program. The following is the rest of her story. My precious hot water was gone. The way I saw it, it was me versus the shower; and I wasn’t accepting defeat. My time was up, my 5 minutes had passed. The shower had told... MORE >

  • Water Conservation in 5-4-3-2-1

    Water Conservation Confessions of a College Girl (Pt. 1)

      Water conservation comes in many shapes and sizes from large commercial solutions to commitments in your personal life. Water conservation devices like ET based irrigation controllers, flow sensors and rotating stream nozzles can help you be water smart outdoors, but there are also smart water solutions for indoors. Long term readers will remember my water use comment on my daughter’s showers and her witty rebuttal. The following is the story of her water conservation experience while traveling with the... MORE >

  • Water rates continue to increase even as water conservation efforts increase.

    Water Conservation Leads to Water Rate Increases

    Chuck Bowen, the editor for Lawn and Landscape magazine emailed me a link to an article titled “Inside Portland’s rising utility rates: Less water consumption means higher prices” and posed two questions about water conservation efforts. Landscape contractors and water managers have traditionally billed their water conservation services as a cost-saving measure: “Let us fix your irrigation system and you’ll save on your water bills!” If I’m reading this correctly, that might not be the case… Do you know if... MORE >

  • The bloggers for ValleyCrest Takes On

    Happy Anniversary!

    Two years ago we launched and it has been amazing how many people helped make a difference in water conservation.  Thank you to all of you who have shared your expertise, contributed ideas, and helped raise awareness about water.  We couldn’t have done it without you. Most of the work on the blog is done after hours, and most of our subscribers read the blog after hours. This is not just our work; it is our passion and a... MORE >

  • Energy Conservation with Nest

    Energy Conservation: One Great Way to Save Water

    I love gadgets, saving money and reducing waste so to say I love my Nest is an understatement. Martha and Richard both previously pointed out how water and energy are intertwined like night and day, so energy conservation indirectly results in water conservation. 3 Reasons Why Nest was Intriguing 1.  Auto Schedule – after a few weeks of manually adjusting the temperature, Nest creates a schedule based on the way you live and continues to fine tune the schedule based on changes... MORE >

  • Reuse or Replace Towel placard in a hotel

    Water Conservation: Corporate Theory Meets Reality

    Many organizations “try” to be good environmental stewards when it comes to water conservation. A co-worker likes the saying, “There is no trying. There is only doing.” So what happens when the corporate theory meets the reality of the front line worker? As I write this post I am on my second of three trips for the month. Almost every hotel where I stay provides the guest with an option to use a bath towel more than once or to... MORE >

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