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  • 04.19.11

    10 Easy Ways To Make Your Landscape More Water Efficient Today

    There are number of ways to reduce water usage on your property. Often the perception is that you have to make a large upfront investment for a water management program to pay off. While often an upfront investment leads to long-term savings, there are a number of small changes you can make to your daily and weekly maintenance program that will make an immediate impact on your water consumption. Here are some easy changes you can make today: Water early... MORE >

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    Profile of a Water Efficient Landscape

    BIG AS DALLAS in the heart of North Dallas, resides Stonebridge Ranch, one of the largest master planned communities in the country. With over 8,000 homes set on 5,000 acres, Stonebridge Ranch offers a well-balanced mix of office, retail and residential uses. With a property this size, water is a major component of keeping the landscape looking its best but also was a big line item on the budget and one Stonebridge was looking to reduce. Collaboratively, Stonebridge’s HOA board... MORE >

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