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  • U.S. Drought Monitor map from April 23, 2013 showing western impact.

    How Water In The West Impacts Everyone

    This is going to be the third consecutive year of drought in the West and we are feeling an impact. The water source in Colorado’s Front Range is in short supply. 100 percent of the state is experiencing some level of drought, snowpack is at 70 percent of the long-term average and just 91 percent of last year’s total. Local experts say the water situation is worse than 2002 when Colorado experienced severe drought conditions and widespread mandatory outdoor water... MORE >

  • 01.03.13

    2013 Challenge: How Can You Save Water?

    Last month, I was reminded in the EPA’s Greenversations post, All I Want for Christmas is…Some Water Saving Tips; there are many indirect ways to reduce water consumption. Since water is intertwined with energy and agriculture, saving water comes in many shapes and sizes. The water saving tip that inspired this post was about composting food scraps. In the summer of 2012 I was amazed and disturbed when for the second time in a single day I was emptying the... MORE >

  • The Ripple Effect - The Fate of Fresh Water in the Twenty-First Century

    The Ripple Effect: To Read or Not to Read

    Back in the late 1990’s I enjoyed playing SimPark on my Windows 95 computer. The premise of the game was to introduce prey and predator into the safari so there was a harmonious balance. It sounds easy, but nature would take its course and the harmony would quickly fall out of balance. Every time you would add one resource there would be a ripple effect over time you had to try and balance. “The Ripple Effect” explores mankind’s attempt to control water... MORE >

  • Smartscape: A Training Program for Landscape Professionals

    What You Missed Last Week on #LandscapeChat

    Smart Water Management Practices ValleyCrest Landscape Companies (@ValleyCrest) & Corona Tools (@CoronaTools) host #landscapechat every Wednesday at 2 p.m. ET/ 11 a.m. PT on Twitter to discuss the latest tips, trends and innovation in the green industry. On Wednesday, June 20, 2012, ValleyCrest’s Richard Restuccia (@H2Otrends), Director of Water Management Solutions, chatted with special guest Smartscape Arizona (@SmartscapeUA) on #landscapechat about how to adopt the smartest water management practices. Haley Paul, Program Director at Smartscape, shared how the program teaches responsible desert... MORE >

  • My family in their natural habitat

    Happy Mother’s Day

    What defines your mom? My mom is a celebrator. There are no insignificant moments with my mom, no boring days, no dull road trips. Everything my family ever did had some creative twist that made it memorable. (Pardon my bias, but this may be the best quality a mom can have- other than love, of course.) The theme flowing clearly through all of my memories is water. I’m pretty sure I was born in a canoe, I grew up on... MORE >

  • Earth Day 2012

    Everyday Should Be Earth Day – 10 Things To Do On Earth Day And Beyond

    The first Earth Day April 22, 1970 was a wake up call for us to take more action toward protecting our environment.  Gaylord Nelson, a Senator from Wisconsin was the thought leader for the day.  It marks the start of the modern environmental movement and the first Earth Day had around 20 million participants.  It was estimated over a billion people participated in Earth Day this past weekend.  This is a tremendous gain in participation. However, I still think if... MORE >

  • water is not an option

    Water is Not an Option

    Did you read Martha’s post about Tweetups? Did you think she was a little crazy? Did you say to yourself, Yeah, right! Who would actually do something like a Tweetup? Ummm….ME! In the fall of 2011 I had the honor of listening to Laura Huffman, Executive Director of The Nature Conservancy of Texas speak at the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy at Rice University. The topic of her conversation was “Water Is Not An Option: Texas’ Broken... MORE >

  • Jacuzzi Tub

    Let’s Be Honest About How Much Water “We” Really Use

    When I previously commented on my teenage daughter’s water use and the fact my water bill dropped in half when she went to college, she responded in kind with a short comment. Behind the scenes, I received several comments about her comments and requests for her to expand her comments to a full post. I hope you enjoy her post more than me. At the request of my “know-it-all” Father I have decided to write a small blog entry to... MORE >

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