08.31.11Martha Golea

Jelly Belly sets a high standard

Jelly Beans

Or: How Mr. Jelly Belly Keeps His Toes Dry

I’m getting used to reading press releases about ValleyCrest’s newest water saving partnerships. In July it was a couple homeowners associations in the Phoenix area (Remember Water Savings Worth Singing About?), in August it’s the Jelly Belly Candy Company corporate campus.

This time ValleyCrest teamed up with HydroPoint Data Systems, Inc. and Jelly Belly to implement the WeatherTRAK Smart Water Management solutions on five and a half acres of turf, trees and shrubs in Fairfield, California. The irrigation upgrade is expected to reduce the candy company’s outdoor water use by 29%.

Check out the press release for full details on the partnership and the sweet sweet water savings.

Continuing in this trend, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the Pentagon or something in September, then perhaps the state of Massachusetts in October.

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Martha Golea

A seasoned communicator and passionate water conservationist, Martha Golea tracks projects in progress and reports on usage of new and exploratory irrigation technology and water management strategies. Martha also regularly contributes content on water management and conservation to Lawn & Landscape Magazine.




  1. Wednesday, 2:47 Alan Harris

    If you need more validation, check out what Scientific American says about WeatherTRAK:

  2. Friday, 6:56 V.R. Shaffer

    I like Martha’s musings about water conservation–she has her head on straight!

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