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Kelly Duke

Not many people can say that they have dedicated their life to the landscape industry. Kelly Duke can. His diverse background ranging from maintenance to estimating, to design, along with a passionate commitment to his trade has given Kelly a lifecycle perspective to landscaping. As the leader of the ValleyCrest’s Pre-Construction Services team, he analyzes early conceptual designs to determine whether or not and how they can be built within budget while meeting long-term design and maintenance goals. Many of the projects that come across Kelly’s desk require he examine the cost and savings of baseline water use in comparison to high efficiency alternatives.




  1. Wednesday, 12:03 Vivek

    I agree very much with the principle behnid this although I suspect that the practice and implementation will be rather more difficult to achieve, given a very common reaction from many affected households to want to rebuild where they are despite the most recent flood and a common misconception [despite all the evidence], that another one like it won’t happen for 30, 50, or 100 years or more.I am hopeful that the QRA will be able to make the hard decisions, in the interests of the total community, including the impacted communities, to to put into place phased plans for relocation and building of new and better communities in line with the above principles. I fully believe that, properly planned and implemented, such redevelopment does necessarily need to mean a retreat from the river’ but rather a new and better association with it, more readily available to the whole community.In moving development to higher land, why not bring the river with it’ by using compensatory cut & fill’ approaches to create embayments’ off the river with the fill used to create a series of terraces suitable for a range of purposes, ranging from readily removable’ eateries, craft and farmers’ markets, open air theatres, recreation centres, community food gardens, as well as piered’ residential and commercial centres with flood proof’ basement parking [if we can build tunnels under the river, why can’t we build flood proof basement parking?]Some of the embayments’ could be appropriate for RiverCat terminals out of the direct flow of the river for protection.Roy Barrett

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