The H2O Overhaul Challenge


“H2Overhaul” seeks best ideas to include in next-generation water efficiency building projects around the world.

Cassandra Cappello of Jovoto sent me the information below and I think this is an excellent opportunity for you to show others how you are literally saving water.  The challenge stared a few weeks ago, but there is still plenty of time for you to submit your concepts.  Please take a look,  rise up and accept the challenge.

Come and check out one of the newest and exciting challenges to thejovoto platform . The  H2Overhaul Challenge, is focused on the environmental issue ofwaterefficiencythatistragicallyoverlookedalotofthetime.

Everyone talks about climate change with most of the discussion centering on global warming. What is overlooked is just as serious: the short supply of fresh water. The world’s fresh water – the water needed for drinking, industry and sanitation – is about 2.5% of the world’s total – and most of that is frozen!  Because water is such a vital resource, all buildings – schools, hospitals, warehouses, apartment complexes – should include water sustainability as a goal.

The task here is asking to take new and existing buildings and create a way to save and or use less water, reuse the water that they currently use, and capture water to use on-site. These concepts should be focusing on water efficiency, innovative water technologies and water use reduction. They can range from products that cause behavioral change in people when using water to small add ons that you can place in sinks, to large system to be integrated in to buildings, urban areas or campuses or hospitals.

H2Overhaul is an 8-week challenge,  in collaboration with Duke University’s Center for Energy Development andGlobal Environment (EDGE) and Treehugger, is a commitment to identify the best water sustainable ideas and fund the ones which show the most potential.

A $15,000 community prize will be award to the top ranking works to the contest. There also is a $5,000 jury award, as well as a $8,000 licensing fee to those concepts that are chosen to be taken in to production.

Come and be apart of the change and the next stage of water management and make people aware of the amount of water that they are using or even help concept a great way to save it in our daily lives. There are still 5 weeks left of the challenge though – so there is more than enough time to get your concepts in.

Challenge Timeline:

Challenge Opened:     October 10th

Submissions Close:   December 5th

Ratings Close:            December 12th




Richard Restuccia


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Richard Restuccia

Richard Restuccia is a water management evangelist. He believes passionately in water efficiency and sees the financial and social benefits far too often to keep a secret. Richard is a spokesperson at industry events and on the Hill to provide direction and insight on landscape water management best practices. Richard puts his words into action through service on various boards and committees. Currently he serves on the Irrigation Association’s Board of Directors. As a board member, Richard serves in a variety of capacities, including government/public affairs. He is the liaison between the board and its marketing committee on the best ways to promote water efficiency and educate industry professionals on new technologies, products and services. Richard is also a regular contributor to Lawn & Landscape Magazine.



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