Martha Golea

A seasoned communicator and passionate water conservationist, Martha Golea tracks projects in progress and reports on usage of new and exploratory irrigation technology and water management strategies. Martha also regularly contributes content on water management and conservation to Lawn & Landscape Magazine.

Martha’s commitment to water conservation was first sparked with the idea of capturing water from a leaky faucet to flush her toilet in her college apartment. She has also lived in a home that was 100% desert landscaped in Phoenix and she still found ways to use water from leaky fixtures. An artist, localvore and cyclist, Martha spends her free time exploring Chapel Hill, the city she now calls home.Martha on Google+

  • Weathermatic SmartLine controller

    How much is riding on your smart controller?

    World Water Week is drawing to a close. Have you been celebrating? This year’s World Water Week was focused on building partnerships worldwide to alleviate the water crisis. It can be tricky to see the direct connection between the irrigation industry in the US and thirsty children in the rest of the world, so this week I’m raising a glass (of tap water) to a partnership that makes it clear as a mountain stream: ValleyCrest Water Management Solutions and Weathermatic.... MORE >

  • where the streets have no name

    Sharing the Savings — “Where the Streets Have No Name”

        Water-related charities are dear to my heart (Read how you can help, one way I help, and why it’s important.) so I love seeing companies sharing their resources to help bring clean water to people in need. Earlier this year I was invited to Central America to help drill a well with WeatherMatic, as part of their Save Water | Give Life campaign. I wasn’t able to go this time, but I made them promise to tell me all about it when... MORE >

  • A graph showing where you can save the most water in your home

    Water Facts: How much water is really going to waste? [Infographic]

    Water is a valuable commodity. You are reminded of this every month when you receive your water bill. But have you ever considered just how much water is going to waste due to leaks or overuse? Did you know that almost 60% of average household water use goes to the landscape?  Hopefully this eye-opening infographic will help motivate you to check for water waste and focus on changes that will make a noticeable difference in your next water bill! Check... MORE >

  • Rwanda well

    Don’t Just Save Water, Save The World

    As a landscape professional, you’re probably more aware of the value of water than many people outside the industry. Without water, what would we have to mow, rake, prune, or manage? Would there even be a landscape industry? Without water we’d all have to trade in our tractors! In the US water sustains our lives and our lifestyles and has allowed us great progress as a nation, but we now tend to take it for granted. In developing countries, access... MORE >

  • Sprinklers overwatering due to high pressure

    Spruce Up Your Sprinklers

    Have you heard of the newest campaign in town: “Sprinkler Spruce Up”? With such a catchy name, would you guess it is: a) promoted by Martha Stewart to get homeowners to decorate their sprinklers for the outdoor party season? OR b) sponsored by EPA’s WaterSense program to remind Americans about the importance of checking and maintaining their sprinkler systems before they increase their water use in the spring and summer? As fun as BeDazzled sprinklers sound, EPA WaterSense – the... MORE >

  • Photo from charity:water

    All I Want For My 30th Birthday Is Clean Water

    It’s hard to believe today is my 30th birthday. I don’t usually ask for presents, but this year I’ve decided to make an exception. I’m asking all my friends and family to donate to charity: water and give clean water to people who need it, instead of giving me gifts. I may not know you, but I’m going to ask anyway – Want to celebrate with me? I mean, April is also Earth Month AND Water Awareness Month, so you... MORE >

  • Taking On Water Challenge Week 1 Eat Less Meat

    10 Foods That Are Way Better Than Meat

    How often do you think about the water in the burger you’re eating? Sound gross? It may not look soggy, but did you know it takes 1,500 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef? Embedded water is a really fascinating subject with a lot of surprising statistics. Beyond landscape and plumbing, a pretty common way of reducing your water footprint is by eating less meat. For the month of February one of my favorite water blogs, Hydrophilia, has a... MORE >

  • The salt used to soften water causes some unexpected problems.

    The Hidden Risks of Softened Water

    If you live in an area with hard water, it probably seems like common sense to have a water softening system in your home. Nobody wants spotty dishes, bathtub rings, or dull hair! But the ol’ tried-and-true water softener has a few nasty secrets. If you look at the real cost of softened water and the challenges it creates for water management, water conservation, and the environment, you might think a little differently about how you soften your water. What’s... MORE >

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