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How much is riding on your smart controller?

We ask a lot of our smart controllers. Can yours take the heat?How much is riding on your smart controller? We ask a lot of our smart controllers. Can yours take the heat?

World Water Week is drawing to a close. Have you been celebrating? This year’s World Water Week was focused on building partnerships worldwide to alleviate the water crisis. It can be tricky to see the direct connection between the irrigation industry in the US and thirsty children in the rest of the world, so this week I’m raising a glass (of tap water) to a partnership that makes it clear as a mountain stream: ValleyCrest Water Management Solutions and Weathermatic.

Smart ideas for giving back

Early in the life of this blog, Richard wrote a post called “Pay It Forward”, which has always stuck with me. It was a challenge to water management professionals and property managers: as you make improvements to your irrigation system and see big water savings, allocate a percentage of the money you save on your water bills to give to water-related charities. I loved that idea. When I found out Weathermatic is doing something very similar with their Save Water | Give Life campaign, my little water-loving heart about burst.

Funded by savings

The campaign is built on the belief that as we get smarter with our water here, we have the privilege and responsibility to help others in underdeveloped countries get smarter with theirs too. That’s why Weathermatic donates $1 per month to clean water projects for every SmartLink Wireless Network connection. With a new well costing $5,000  to $12,000, this means we build at least one well per year for every 1,000 connections.

Since ValleyCrest is one of the largest installers of Weathermatic controllers in the US, they are connecting new customers to the savings and to the campaign every month. Making more wells, more clean water possible with every Weathermatic smart controller installed.

Big responsibility, small controller

Does anyone else think there’s an awful lot of responsibility riding on these controllers? Improved plant health, less water waste, less hardscape damage from runoff, fewer trips to the property to reprogram, plus saving lives, too? Maybe “smart” controller is an understatement?

So if you’ve been thinking water shortage is a local problem and your saving can’t impact anyone else, think again. As the whole world gets smarter and more connected, San Salvador gets a lot closer to Seattle and sharing gets a lot easier.

If some of this sounds familiar to you, you must have read our guest post about Weathermatic’s latest well drilling trip. They don’t just fund the well projects and sit back; it’s only natural for water management professionals to grab a crew and some shovels and do it themselves. If that sounds like your kind of adventure, why not sign up for the next trip!


Where else do you see corporate partnerships like ValleyCrest and Weathermatic making a difference in local water use and the worldwide water crisis? These great stories seem to pop up all over. Share yours in the comments below.


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