Join the discussion on some of the latest water innovations being made in the water management field and their contributions to sustainability and conservation. Here, we discuss best practices and the impact water innovations have on curbing water use and associated cost savings. Get new ideas, case studies and solutions being generated to best conserve and manage our water resources.


    LASIK eye surgery

    One intersting area within modern innovation is LASIK. With modern technology it is possible to restore the sight of the eye into perfection. One country that is one step ahead when it comes to LASIK is Sweden, a country in the northern part of Europe. The swedish healthcare, with it's modern technology, are really good when it comes to restoring the sight of the eye. By using different surgery methods like LASEK, LASIK and SMILE they can fully restore the eye into it's former glory. They are highly profeossional and are evolving every year as the best country within the industry... MORE >

  • Smart Irrigation Controller Installation

    3 Brilliant Studies Support Smart Irrigation Controllers

    These three studies supporting evapotranspiration (ET) based smart irrigation controllers were from over 100 education sessions at the most recent WaterSmart Innovations Conference. The first two studies focused on what happens in regards to the way water and smart irrigation controllers are used in the field by real people. The third was a controlled study proving significant water savings from ET based smart irrigation controller. Where the Water Goes Morgan Shimabuku from the Center for ReSource Conservation in Boulder, CO... MORE >

  • L_008671.mos

    Conservation Saves More Than Just Water At Red Rock Country Club

    The Red Rock Country Club and residential community is one of the prime places to live, golf, and enjoy in the Las Vegas area. With two Arnold Palmer signature courses, a clubhouse, spa, tennis facility and a wide array of luxury homes, the club and master-planned community is a big draw for Las Vegas residents and visitors alike. The Conservation Challenge Unfortunately, Red Rock was also a big draw for water bills and its homeowners association (HOA) wanted to change... MORE >

  • Smart Controllers - Efficient Water for Turf

    HOA Saves Big on Budget

    Can you imagine the frustration of budgeting thousands of dollars a year on something you think is an inevitable expense? How exciting would it be to find out you don’t have to keep spending that money? Wouldn’t you want to make a simple change that will pay you back every year instead of continuing to slip away? With 319 lots and landscaping that extends over 13 acres of turf grass, Dobbins Point, a community in a southwestern suburb of Phoenix,... MORE >

  • Ventana Lakes - Smart Water Management

    HOA Performs Irrigation Update – Save Thousands

    Can you imagine the frustration of spending thousands of dollars a year on something you think is an inevitable expense? How exciting would it be to find out you don’t have to keep losing that money? Wouldn’t you want to make a simple change that will pay you back every year instead of continuing to slip away? Ventana Lakes, an active retirement community just outside Sun City, AZ, offers residents a long list of activities and miles of beautiful grounds... MORE >

  • Droplet Water Conservation Robot

    Water Conservation in the Cloud

    Sometimes the cloud brings rain and sometimes the cloud brings opportunities for water conservation. The cloud in question is the internet and it has changed and will continue to change the way we live our lives. These four innovations (recently or soon to be released) may or may not disrupt the world of irrigation, but they do have significant water conservation implications. Droplet – Reinventing How Plants Get Water A combination of robotics, cloud computing and connected services transform the... MORE >

  • 7 Innovative Irrigation Products Photo

    Top 7 Innovative Irrigation Products

    Top 7 innovative irrigation products in the past 5 years…says who? VCTO reached out to irrigation industry expert Brent Mecham who serves as the Industry Development Director for the Irrigation Association for his opinion. Prior to the last 6 years with the IA, Mecham spent over 13 years with the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District as the Landscape Irrigation Management and Conservation Specialist. He also has a few initials (certifications) after his name including CAIS, CGIA, CIC, CID, CIT, CLIA and... MORE >

  • Water rates are up making water waste costly

    Water Rates on the Rise: 6 Ways to Save [Infographic]

    Ben Franklin wrote, “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” The new addendum should be, “and the rising cost of water.” USA Today, The Oregonian, ValleyCrest Takes On and now Fast Company have taken notice, attributing the water rate increases to aging infrastructure and the rising cost of energy. Regardless of the reasons, water rate increases have us all feeling squeezed whether it be your personal family income or property management budget. The good thing is, there is something you can do... MORE >

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