Track the latest water management technologies for information on the best in water management and smart irrigation products. Here, we share how new technology and improvements are adding value and saving water and money. Water management technologies we will feature include high efficiency nozzles, flow sensors, emitters, valve regulators and more.

  • WaterSage Cloud Irrigation Controller

    Cloud on the Floor of WaterSmart Innovations

    We love techie water management solutions…especially water management solutions housed in the cloud. Here are a few of the cloud (and one non-cloud) based water management solutions we saw displayed on the floor of the Expo. WaterSage by OnPointe EcoSystems WaterSage is a WiFi, weather-based, EPA WaterSense labeled, cloud irrigation controller with an intuitive wizard to assist with the programming. The wizard uses text and pictures to guide the user through the information needed for an ET based controller to... MORE >

  • iPhone 6 plus, Apple Watch and iOS8 will disrupt the way we do many things. Will irrigation management be one of the functions disrupted?

    How iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Watch and iOS 8 Will Disrupt Irrigation Management

    Will the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Watch and iOS 8 really disrupt the way we have approached irrigation management for the past 50 years? Probably not…yet, but if Apple Pay can replace the way credit cards have been used for the past 50 years then why not? If someone told you five years ago you could access your irrigation controller via your smart phone would you have thought it would be possible? App for that Irrigation Controller We reviewed several... MORE >

  • Save Power Save Water Save Money

    Want to Start Saving Power, Water and Money?

    Do you like gadgets that help save power, water and save money? My love of gadgets, saving money, reducing waste along with the love of my Nest was well established in the previous post, Energy Conservation: One Great Way to Save Money. Other posts previously illustrated how water and energy are intertwined like night and day, so energy conservation indirectly results in water conservation. The post featuring Nest reviewed the early energy savings results in the first 4 months of... MORE >

  • MP Rotator - Hunter

    3 Reasons You Should Use High Efficiency Nozzles

    As water continues to increase in price and become more scarce, water from your sprinkler landing on the side walk instead of the landscape or water running off the landscape onto the sidewalk is not tolerable. Water from sprinklers is often lost long before the water hits the ground.  Pop-up sprinkler heads have never been a very efficient way to water.  There are a variety of ways water is wasted with spray head irrigation – wind, evaporation, run off, misting... MORE >

  • Pelican Hill Coliseum Pool

    Time to Check Out H2Otel Challenge

    H2Otel Challenge is a new EPA WaterSense program that reduces water use and saves money. Want proof? Ask Caesar’s Entertainment who was the first hotel group to sign up for the program or The Resort at Pelican Hill Newport Beach who reduced their outdoor water use by 37% and saved $75,000 on their water bill in a year. As the Hilton Palacio del Rio in San Antonio, Texas;  San Francisco’s Parc 55 Union Square Hotel and the Holiday Inn San Antonio International... MORE >

  • Sunlight shining through the trees exposing high irrigation pressure

    A Day in the Life of an Irrigation Tech

    One day each year members of  ValleyCrest’s  management team, from the CEO to the local Account Managers, report to a Crew Leader and work in the field to recognize our hard-working crews and demonstrate the respect we have for the job they do every day. This year I joined an Irrigation Tech for inspections and upgrade recommendations. This is the story of my day. 5:30 AM: With my steel toed work boots, safety vest and several layers of clothes I... MORE >

  • WeatherTRAK FlowLink Valve Box

    A Reason To Revisit Flow Sensors

    Smart controllers are making a positive impact on water management. What makes a controller smart?  There are several reasons and right at the top of the list is the ability to sense flow.  Flow sensors are affordable devices that can be installed to detect and automatically shut down the irrigation system when breaks, malfunctions or vandalism occur.  Flow sensing should be part of any large irrigation system.  Flow sensors are set to memorize the normal flow of your system. Most manufacturers... MORE >

  • where the streets have no name

    Sharing the Savings — “Where the Streets Have No Name”

        Water-related charities are dear to my heart (Read how you can help, one way I help, and why it’s important.) so I love seeing companies sharing their resources to help bring clean water to people in need. Earlier this year I was invited to Central America to help drill a well with WeatherMatic, as part of their Save Water | Give Life campaign. I wasn’t able to go this time, but I made them promise to tell me all about it when... MORE >

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