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  • California's Drought Outlook for 2015

    California’s Drought Outlook

    As December 2014 rolled in, we bid good-bye to the third-driest calendar year on record and hello to a series of storms that drenched much of the state, raising hopes for an end to the dreaded drought. Now that 2015 is here can we relax? Not just yet. Even with the storms produced by December’s atmospheric river, also known as a Pineapple Express, we still have a ways to go. Reservoirs Up but Far From Full  Before we get too... MORE >

  • Top 5 Water Management Posts 2014 final

    Top 5 Water Management Posts from 2014

    2014 was another great year for water management posts on A total of 53 posts about water management generated over 153,000 page views resulting from almost 113,000 visits. This was just under a 300% increase in traffic from 2013. Clearly there was a high interest in water management in 2014. While most of the visits were from the United Sates, the reach was truly international. Top 5 Water Management Countries United States Canada United Kingdom India Australia As might... MORE >

  • Happy Holidays 2014

    We Wish You Merry Water Savings

    Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the landscape not a sprinkler head leaked, not even a valve. The smart controller was hung on the wall with care, in hopes the ET information would soon be there. The water bloggers were all nestled in their beds while visions of water savings danced in their heads. And the irrigation tech in her work boots and I in my irrigation app, had just winterized the system for a long winter nap;... MORE >

  • Love of Water - puzzled hearts by Hai Linh Truong

    For the Love of Water

    Are you like Dory from Finding Nemo and love all things shiny? Good news, according to “Taking a shine to it: How the preference for glossy stems from an innate need for water” published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology¹ (JCP) the love of shiny may be “from an innate preference for fresh water as a resource.” The JCP goes on to recognize “the presence of water has a relaxing and peaceful quality and has a positive influence on people’s level... MORE >

  • Water Message Coaster

    Water Conservation Message Hits Prime Time

    Water authorities and government agencies are consistently promoting the water conservation message. However, when the water conservation message is picked up by a prominent company in a national commercial it gets much more attention and recognition. If you blinked, went to the restroom or fast forwarded the television last night you may have missed the water conservation message bring broadcast on mainstream media channels. Rain is a 30 second commercial spot for the Toyota Prius playing during primetime television shows.... MORE >

  • Water-saving tips for your Thanksgiving dinner


    Every Thanksgiving, we sit down to enjoy time with our family and share a wonderful bounty of food. All that entertaining and preparing not to mention the clean up, requires a tremendous amount of water. This year, let’s take a minute to think about how grateful we are for the water we have. Thanksgiving Dinner From Farm To Table It’s estimated that producing a typical Thanksgiving meal for six – from farm to table to clean-up – requires more than 30,000... MORE >

  • Time to vote for water

    Proposition 1 – A Chance for Californians To Improve Their Water Problems

    Proposition 1 gives Californians the opportunity to take control of their water supply and rely less on moving water around the state and less on importing water from the Colorado River.  Proposition 1 increases water supplies where they are needed and reduces the cost and amount of electricity needed to move water.  Estimates show 19% of the energy used in California is for moving water. The majority of water in California is surface water, meaning coming primarily from rivers in... MORE >

  • San Diego County Water Authority - When In Drought Magnet

    Californians Unite Against Drought

    Even as Californians unite against drought, I have been forced to build a dam to hold back the amount of negative press surrounding how much water Californians have been using this year. SF Gate reported in July “state data showed water use statewide has increased 1 percent over the past three years, despite calls from Gov. Jerry Brown for Californians to cut their water use by 20 percent during the drought.” They went on to report “Southern California coastal cities increased water... MORE >

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