100 Ways Winner of the Week

Winners and Tips 51-57

Congratulations to this week’s winners!

  • Stacy Long of Rosville, CA
  • Sean Williams of Tampa, FL
  • Carol Marszalek or Irving, TX
  • Jeff Glander or Olympia, WA
  • Chris Daines of Bakersfield, CA
  • Rod Black of San Antonio, TX
  • Pierre Gibbons of Baltimore, MD

You have each won a Hunter® Wireless Rain-Clik™ rain sensor as part of our 100 Ways, 100 Days campaign. You are among the 100 winners who won’t be running your sprinklers in the rain this coming wet season and reaping the benefits.  Everyone else – get on board and let the water savings pour in! Saving water doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Check back every Monday through early November for a weekly list of water-saving tips you can apply to your property.

Tips 51-57

  • Fall isn’t just about setting the clocks back anymore! Landscapes are most overwatered in the fall when your timer is still set for summer.  Get out there and make those adjustments today.
  • Keep your water on your property. If you don’t have a cycle and soak feature in your irrigation controller spend a little extra time programming multiple short cycles to avoid runoff.
  • Inspect what you expect.  Take time to document your water use by recording the numbers on your water meter on a weekly basis.  It just takes a small pad of paper and a pencil.  As a bonus your neighbors will be wondering what you doing.  If one of them is bold enough to ask you will be able to spread the water saving news to them too.
  • Winter is coming soon! Be sure to use a cover for your pool.  It will save you water and energy. As an extra bonus, you’ll keep the leaves out!
  • This one is for the weekend worriers. You can purchase great retrofit kits to convert your sprays to drip line.  This is very effective in shrub and color beds.  It’s not very expensive to do and is a job for the do-it-yourselfer.
  • Did you know soil amendments can improve landscape water efficiency?  They can help stimulate deep root growth and over time reduce the amount of water needed.
  • Make your voice heard to make a difference locally. Support your community water reclamation projects.
Richard Restuccia

Richard Restuccia is a water management evangelist. He believes passionately in water efficiency and sees the financial and social benefits far too often to keep a secret. As the Director for Water Management Solutions at ValleyCrest, Richard is our spokesperson at industry events and on the Hill to provide direction and insight on landscape water management best practices. Richard puts his words into action through service on various boards and committees including the Government and Regulatory Affairs Committee for the Irrigation Association, the San Diego Water Conservation Action Committee and was a founding member of the Central Control Users’ Group in the Central Valley of California.


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