Conservation Saves More Than Just Water At Red Rock Country Club

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The Red Rock Country Club and residential community is one of the prime places to live, golf, and enjoy in the Las Vegas area. With two Arnold Palmer signature courses, a clubhouse, spa, tennis facility and a wide array of luxury homes, the club and master-planned community is a big draw for Las Vegas residents and visitors alike.

The Conservation Challenge

Unfortunately, Red Rock was also a big draw for water bills and its homeowners association (HOA) wanted to change that. Not only did the HOA want to cut costs, they were also interested in converting many of the landscaped areas to native plants with more water-friendly drip irrigation – and to accomplish both, they teamed with ValleyCrest.

 The Conservation Solution

After doing a thorough audit of Red Rock’s existing irrigation controllers, ValleyCrest identified the biggest water use offenders and replaced them with smart controllers. The team also implemented a “Seek and Plug” program that identified and eliminated drip emitters that were unnecessary.

Together with the HOA board, ValleyCrest assessed Red Rock’s extensive grounds and earmarked the areas where turf conversion projects could make the biggest difference in conserving water and saving costs.

The Results of Conservation

The results were significant. Red Rock Country Club has reduced its annual water usage by 50% and saved thousands of dollars in water costs. And thanks to ongoing monitoring and analysis of monthly meter readings, the team continues to pinpoint unseen leaks and make repairs before the bills mount up.

The work is ongoing at Red Rock and so are the savings—and the improvements. With some money saved on water bills, the HOA is funding further turf conversion and enhancement projects, all of which will continue to preserve valuable water resources and increase Red Rock’s draw as one of the finest clubs and communities around.

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