How One Award-Winning Community Saved $58,000 in Water Costs

Water Savings from Smart Irrigation ControllersCanterberry Crossing saved $58,000 in water costs after switching to smart irrigation controllers.

Three years ago, the homeowners association (HOA) of Canterberry Crossing, a Colorado master-planned community, had an urgent problem. Their irrigation infrastructure responsible for watering the landscape of Canterberry Crossing’s 15 sub-communities and 2,500 homes was on the decline. Meanwhile water costs were rising—fast. They needed help.

The first thing the ValleyCrest experts did once they came on board was a thorough audit of the irrigation system. Valve by valve, an irrigation tech noted all leaks or malfunctions and adjusted each sprinkler head for maximum efficiency. Zone eficiencies were evaluated and those areas with less-than-ideal precipitation distribution were brought up to speed with new nozzles for better coverage. In high-use water areas, sod was replaced with xeriscaping—beautiful drought-tolerant plants that enhanced the environment while conserving resources (and costs).

Smart Irrigation Controller Means Smart Conservation

But the most impactful solution to Canterberry Crossing’s problems was the installation of a WeatherTrak smart irrigation controller—a move that Daniel Levine, the ValleyCrest Maintenance Manager overseeing the Canterberry Crossing site, considers essential. “Colorado can experience extreme weather, wind, and temperature changes—even in one single day,” says Levine. “Maintenance crews can’t possibly respond fast enough. A state-of-the-art smart controller was critical to meeting Canterberry Crossing’s water conservation and cost reduction goals.”

Award-Winning Grounds and Thousands Saved in Water Costs

Levine and his team researched their options and chose WeatherTrak by HydroPoint Data Systems, installing 38 of their smart irrigation management controllers throughout the Canterberry sites. Thanks to convenient remote access via laptops or mobile devices, the WeatherTrak system enabled technicians to turn on and off specific zones in response to last-minute special events or weather changes, thereby saving water, time, and the expense of site visits. The positive effects of the newly upgraded system were felt immediately and Canterberry Crossing achieved:

  • A 30% reduction in water use, with more than 10 million gallons of landscape water saved annually.
  • More than $58,000 in water costs saved per year.
  • Healthier turf and grounds thanks to WeatherTrak’s ability to automatically track and respond to weather data immediately.

Within three years, Canterberry Crossing had recouped their original investment in the smart controller system through significant water cost savings. Not only did the residents appreciate the healthier, more vibrant landscape, but others also took note and Canterberry Crossing was named the 2013 HOA of the Year by Community Associations Institute, Rocky Mountain Chapter (CAI-RMC). The work continues says Levine. “We’re still working with Canterberry Crossing and anticipate even more improvements in the way of xeriscaping projects and water cost savings to come.”

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