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    What Goes Around Comes Around: Rainwater Harvesting

    Fashion, Songs, Movies and Rainwater Harvesting: Great Ideas Recycled For readers in their 50′s you may have noticed many of today’s latest fashions were popular in the 1970′s. Some songs are now on their 3rd or 4th rendition dating back to the 1960′s. Even many popular movies are on their 2nd or 3rd version (Batman, Oceans Eleven, Sherlock Holmes, etc). Landscape Architects may remember from their school days, cisterns have been in use for thousands of years. In July 2011,... MORE >

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    Save Your Rain for a Sunny Day

    Knowing my passion for water, one of my fellow workers sent me a great handbook on rainwater harvesting he came across while researching the topic for a client. I suggested he share some of his research in the form of a guest blog for ValleyCrestTakesOn. He did such a phenonmenal job I think he should be a regular contributor. If you like this post and want to read more from Mark, please leave a comment below. My Mom always said... MORE >

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    AB 1881 is the New Norm but how is it Different from AB 325?

    In January 2010, AB 1881 went into effect in California, new sections were added to increase the efficient use of water in the landscape. It seems that most landscape architects and agencies are familiar with the new guidelines, but others in the industry have not acknowledged its mandates. The original ordinance, AB 325, was written and created in the middle of a 6-year drought. AB 325 was intended to make sure landscapes were watered efficiently however the tools were not... MORE >

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    When A Water Butt Is Just Not Big Enough

    Rainwater Harvesting Beyond the Rain Barrel When 55 gallons are just not enough or when you have more than 8 pots to water, a cistern may be in order. A cistern is a really BIG Water Butt and provides a little more flexibility than just being able to water pots. However, cisterns bring on a whole new set of problems like: aesthetics, neighbor’s opinions and loss of municipal revenues. When placed above ground they can make quite the architectural statement... MORE >

  • Green Grass

    Green or Brown…What Color Is Your Lawn in an Extreme Drought?

    Turf Color in Drought Are you wearing the Brown Badge of Conservation or the Green Badge of Excessive Watering? A less than vibrant green lawn demonstrates to your customers and the public you take conservation seriously. For many physiological reasons we like our luscious grass to be vibrant green year round, but most plants including grasses have a “rest period” when the green grass naturally wants to go slightly or all the way dormant.  Fescue, Rye and Blue Grass perform better during... MORE >

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