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  • 01.23.15

    California’s Drought Outlook

    As December 2014 rolled in, we bid good-bye to the third-driest calendar year on record and hello to a series of storms that drenched much of the state, raising hopes for an end to the dreaded drought. Now that 2015 is here can we relax? Not just yet. Even with the storms produced by December’s atmospheric river, also known as a Pineapple Express, we still have a ways to go. Reservoirs Up but Far From Full  Before we get too... MORE >

  • Water-saving tips for your Thanksgiving dinner


    Every Thanksgiving, we sit down to enjoy time with our family and share a wonderful bounty of food. All that entertaining and preparing not to mention the clean up, requires a tremendous amount of water. This year, let’s take a minute to think about how grateful we are for the water we have. Thanksgiving Dinner From Farm To Table It’s estimated that producing a typical Thanksgiving meal for six – from farm to table to clean-up – requires more than 30,000... MORE >

  • 09.02.14

    Want to Start Saving Power, Water and Money?

    Do you like gadgets that help save power, water and save money? My love of gadgets, saving money, reducing waste along with the love of my Nest was well established in the previous post, Energy Conservation: One Great Way to Save Money. Other posts previously illustrated how water and energy are intertwined like night and day, so energy conservation indirectly results in water conservation. The post featuring Nest reviewed the early energy savings results in the first 4 months of... MORE >

  • 05.23.14

    Conservation Saves More Than Just Water At Red Rock Country Club

    The Red Rock Country Club and residential community is one of the prime places to live, golf, and enjoy in the Las Vegas area. With two Arnold Palmer signature courses, a clubhouse, spa, tennis facility and a wide array of luxury homes, the club and master-planned community is a big draw for Las Vegas residents and visitors alike. The Conservation Challenge Unfortunately, Red Rock was also a big draw for water bills and its homeowners association (HOA) wanted to change... MORE >

  • Energy Conservation with Nest

    Energy Conservation: One Great Way to Save Water

    I love gadgets, saving money and reducing waste so to say I love my Nest is an understatement. Martha and Richard both previously pointed out how water and energy are intertwined like night and day, so energy conservation indirectly results in water conservation. 3 Reasons Why Nest was Intriguing 1.  Auto Schedule – after a few weeks of manually adjusting the temperature, Nest creates a schedule based on the way you live and continues to fine tune the schedule based on changes... MORE >

  • Mockingjay - a Symbol of the Conservation Revolution

    5 Conservation Lessons from District 13 and the Capitol

    Spoiler Alert: If you have not read Mockingjay (the final book in the Hunger Games trilogy) then save this post to read at a later date.   Background The Capitol is where the lavish consumers reside. Their abundant lifestyle is a result of controlling and then draining the natural resources of the outlying 12 Districts. There used to be 13 Districts, but a civil war led to the ultimate destruction of the 13th District…or did it? Amazingly District 13 retreated... MORE >

  • Dragonfly

    We Were Bitten by the Blue Bug of Water Conservation

    In the post, “When Were You Bitten by the Green Bug”, the importance and success of early childhood education when it came to conservation was explored. The responses and comments on this site as well as in group discussions on LinkedIn were inspirational so I asked a two of my fellow contributors and other water lovers how they first became interested in water conservation. Charles Fishman – Journalist, Author of “The Big Thirst” I had the privilege of hearing Mr. Fishman... MORE >

  • 06.14.12

    In Defense of Outhouses: A Love Story

    After reading my Mother’s Day post, my dad made me promise not to blog about him for Father’s Day (he’s kind of shy). So Happy Father’s Day, Dad, your secrets are safe this year. The first time I met my father-in-law was on a farm in a small, rural village in Romania. We weren’t related yet, but he seemed to know we would be soon enough. He watched me all day, probably trying to assess what his son saw in... MORE >

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