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  • DIG, Orbit and RainBird manifolds

    Are You Using The Best Point Source Emitter Manifold?

    Recently I had the “pleasure” of seeing multiple point source emitter manifolds blow out on a property, all from the same manufacturer and under ideal pressure. Considering so many properties are converting spray irrigation to drip irrigation I thought this would be a good opportunity to try out a couple manufacturers’ products and see which offers the best flow options, installation ease and withstands the overall test of time. Typically I try and stay away from ¼” tubing as an... MORE >

  • Water Conservation meets long hot showers

    Water Conservation Confessions of a College Girl (Pt. 2)

    What does a girl do when the 5 minute timer ends and the soothing hot shower comes to an abrupt end? In part 1 my daughter provided background while studying abroad in New Zealand with the UGA Discover Abroad Program. The following is the rest of her story. My precious hot water was gone. The way I saw it, it was me versus the shower; and I wasn’t accepting defeat. My time was up, my 5 minutes had passed. The shower had told... MORE >

  • Montage Resort & Spa slope irrigation

    5 Excellent Perspectives: How to Irrigate a Slope

    Irrigation on a Slope: What is your experience? This was the question posed on LinkedIn’s group for the American Society of Landscape Architects. I was intrigued by the question about how to irrigate a slope. As I was gathering my thoughts to share my uniquely professional and sage advice, I started reading the great responses already posted. Disappointingly,  I soon realized I had nothing new to add and even read a few points I might not have suggested. Since the LinkedIn group... MORE >

  • Slip n Slide

    Water Under the Bridge

    As I grow older it seems I am taking more time to reflect on where I’ve been and where I’m going.  Although I strongly believe in water conversation, I wasn’t always so inclined.  Really, most people weren’t. Back in the day water wasn’t really looked upon as a resource.  It was, well, just water. This wasn’t the case for my parents who grew up in the Oklahoma dust bowl era but for me, a kid in the 60’s, water was... MORE >

  • bigthirst

    Are We Wasting the Drought?

    We’ve always exalted Charles Fishman’s book The Big Thirst on our blog, but recently he wrote an article for the New York Times I think just missed its mark in a couple of ways.  Charles Fishman is an asset to our industry and an excellent proponent for water management in the United States so I was excited to see him get space in the New York Times and use it to call for changes in water management.  I thought much... MORE >

  • Thermometer

    It’s Hot!

    The official start of summer is tomorrow.  If you take a look at the record temperatures across the United States you will notice summer has been here for awhile.  The first three months of 2012 were 6 degrees higher than average in the lower 48 states, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  It’s great to be able to wear shorts in February but there are some potential negative effects.  According to  Science Daily global temperatures in May were... MORE >

  • Drip Irrigation

    Don’t be a drip………

    Use drip. Drip irrigation that is. When it comes to irrigation, drip is one of the most effective and efficient ways to water.  It helps deliver water directly to the target, with very little waste.  What a great new idea, right? Great idea? Most definetly!  New?  Not really. Drip irrigation dates all the way back to 1866.  In Afghanistan, researchers began experimenting with drip using clay pipe in irrigation and drainage systems.  The theory of targeted watering was brought to the... MORE >

  • Fix a Leak Week

    Spread the word about WaterSense Fix a Leak Week!

    This week, March 12th thru 18th marks the EPA’s 4th annual Fix a Leak Week and as landscape irrigation professionals there are many things we can do to educate our customers to increase their awareness of the importance of fixing leaks. According to EPA Administrator, Lisa P. Jackson, “Across the country, household leaks add up to more than 1 trillion gallons of water annually. The amount we’re losing could supply Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami for a full year. We’re... MORE >

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