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  • Save Power Save Water Save Money

    Want to Start Saving Power, Water and Money?

    Do you like gadgets that help save power, water and save money? My love of gadgets, saving money, reducing waste along with the love of my Nest was well established in the previous post, Energy Conservation: One Great Way to Save Money. Other posts previously illustrated how water and energy are intertwined like night and day, so energy conservation indirectly results in water conservation. The post featuring Nest reviewed the early energy savings results in the first 4 months of... MORE >

  • Water runoff

    Who Else Wants To Save Energy?

    By now we’re all pretty well programmed to conserve electricity. Turn off the lights, unplug appliances, don’t leave the refrigerator door open, etc. But we’re missing a really important point: the energy-water connection. Almost one fifth of California’s energy is used to move water.  Water conservation and water management are becoming vital to energy conservation.   Nearly 75%  of the state’s rainfall occurs in Northern California, while  75% of the agricultural and urban water use is in Central and Southern... MORE >

  • water is not an option

    Water is Not an Option

    Did you read Martha’s post about Tweetups? Did you think she was a little crazy? Did you say to yourself, Yeah, right! Who would actually do something like a Tweetup? Ummm….ME! In the fall of 2011 I had the honor of listening to Laura Huffman, Executive Director of The Nature Conservancy of Texas speak at the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy at Rice University. The topic of her conversation was “Water Is Not An Option: Texas’ Broken... MORE >

  • Jacuzzi Tub

    Let’s Be Honest About How Much Water “We” Really Use

    When I previously commented on my teenage daughter’s water use and the fact my water bill dropped in half when she went to college, she responded in kind with a short comment. Behind the scenes, I received several comments about her comments and requests for her to expand her comments to a full post. I hope you enjoy her post more than me. At the request of my “know-it-all” Father I have decided to write a small blog entry to... MORE >

  • Entryway Fountain

    Unique Rain Storage For Homeowners

    Most people are familiar with the idea of rain storage from the roof, into a cistern or container of some sort, then utilized for plant watering. There are many ways we can retain water on our residential properties that are both efficient and beautiful.  With rain barrels, we capture water to be used for indoor and outdoor watering needs.  If you want to install a water barrel, begin with installing or adjusting gutters from your roof line. Make sure your barrel... MORE >

  • Inspect

    Inspect What You Expect

    We have all heard the term, “Inspect what you expect.”  Measurement of performance is one of the quickest ways to inspire change.  The landscape irrigation industry could benefit from better tools to measure the amount of water used on a daily basis. The non-profit group Charity Water ( recently focused on a project done at Teague, a manufacturing firm. Teague measured the amount of water flowing through their office kitchen faucet.  They were concerned about this because of the ease... MORE >

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