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  • Nature is Watching

    Mother Nature is Watching Us

    As populations move into undeveloped areas, we need to be cognoscente of Mother Nature. We must remember that nature will eventually win out if we move in the opposite direction. Why not accept nature and utilize its best qualities to make our lives more fulfilled?  A regenerative landscape, or one that gives back, seems to be the key. Because each native plant has different needs and habits, it fills a particular ecological niche.  The right combination of plants keep diseases from... MORE >

  • sprinkler

    A story of rebates, smarter water use and 34% water savings

    With all of the other issues that board members and managers wrestle with day to day, landscaping may not be at the top of their minds. But the cost of inefficiencies can add up. A typical community association uses nearly double the amount of water needed to maintain a healthy landscape. Often, boards and managers don’t know how much water they are using. In response to California’s ongoing drought, the community of Westaire in Martinez, Calif., wanted to conserve water... MORE >

  • Stonebridge Ranch bed of flowers


    BIG AS DALLAS in the heart of North Dallas, resides Stonebridge Ranch, one of the largest master planned communities in the country. With over 8,000 homes set on 5,000 acres, Stonebridge Ranch offers a well-balanced mix of office, retail and residential uses. With a property this size, water is a major component of keeping the landscape looking its best but also was a big line item on the budget and one Stonebridge was looking to reduce. Collaboratively, Stonebridge’s HOA board... MORE >

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