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  • Ventana Lakes

    Water savings worth singing about

    In a scene straight from a fairytale, Ventana Lakes, a 50 acre retirement community in Peoria, Arizona was struggling with high water bills – until ValleyCrest stepped in and turned their story around. Richard Restuccia, ValleyCrest’s Director of Water Management Solutions, arranged a partnership with Horizon Distributors, Toro and the ValleyCrest Phoenix branch to provide controllers, WeatherTRAK satellite signal and installation at no cost to the community. The upgrade to smart irrigation started paying dividends immediately and, seeing the success of... MORE >

  • Water bucket

    Water is Free

    Seriously, water is free and I will prove it to you. Take a bucket to the nearest creek, river, pond, lake or ocean. Dip it into the water and take it home. How much did the water cost? Okay, maybe not totally free. The bucket cost you or somebody else (if you picked it up on the side of the road) and of course it cost you time and the energy to tote the water, but the actual water was... MORE >

  • Phoenix area map

    Are city-dwellers better water savers than suburbanites?

    Water conservation is a hot topic in the desert, with threats of brown-outs in the next few years and drought constantly looming. Or, at least I thought it was a hot topic until I went looking for water conservation rebates in Phoenix. I found a few sites with comprehensive lists of rebates available around the Valley and was quite impressed as I scrolled through. The cities of Avondale, Chandler and Gilbert offer rebates for installing a smart controller on your... MORE >

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