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  • Danger Non-Potable Water Do Not Drink Sign

    The Future of Non-Potable Water Use

    As potable water supplies dwindle and the cost per gallon rises, we have to be vigilant about how much we use and how we use it. One way to conserve potable water is to use non-potable water—rainwater, air conditioning condensate, stormwater run-off and treated wastewater—for purposes like landscape irrigation. Initiatives such as the United States Green Building Council’s LEED Program are driving the use of alternative water sources and the development of more efficient irrigation systems.  This trend is further... MORE >

  • rainwater harvesting

    What Goes Around Comes Around: Rainwater Harvesting

    Fashion, Songs, Movies and Rainwater Harvesting: Great Ideas Recycled For readers in their 50′s you may have noticed many of today’s latest fashions were popular in the 1970′s. Some songs are now on their 3rd or 4th rendition dating back to the 1960′s. Even many popular movies are on their 2nd or 3rd version (Batman, Oceans Eleven, Sherlock Holmes, etc). Landscape Architects may remember from their school days, cisterns have been in use for thousands of years. In July 2011,... MORE >

  • Wastewater Purification Process

    Spacewater Recycling: Getting Around the Yuck Factor

    When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? A rock star? A firefighter? A flight attendant? How about an astronaut? That’s a popular ambition. As a NASA-loving youngster you probably anticipated the thrill of blasting off into space, the giddiness of bouncing around in your gravity-free space station, the practicality of brushing your teeth with your own sweat. Wait, what? Gross. Oh, so bathing with fuel cell moisture and drinking condensed rat breath weren’t... MORE >

  • Amount of water used by housing irrigation

    Landscape Water Volume & Cost: A Guess at Best

    In Richard Restuccia’s post last year, Inspect What You Expect, he touched on the importance of seeing results as an instigator of change. Rob Maday, founder of, is of the same thinking and takes the measure what you manage philosophy to the next level with water consumption, by encouraging consumers to understand the difference in water consumption for landscape versus other uses. Rob agreed to share his thoughts and advice as a guest blogger in his post below. Make... MORE >

  • Pristine Water

    How Much Will You Pay?

    Long before the Internet and eBay, the selling and reselling of used goods has been a popular way to recycle what we no longer wanted or needed.  The prices of used goods are driven by how much someone else would pay for your discarded items.  Sometimes, in the case of junk we have to pay people to haul it away and dispose of it. So I pose the question, “How much will you pay for a used item you need?”... MORE >

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