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  • 01.23.15

    California’s Drought Outlook

    As December 2014 rolled in, we bid good-bye to the third-driest calendar year on record and hello to a series of storms that drenched much of the state, raising hopes for an end to the dreaded drought. Now that 2015 is here can we relax? Not just yet. Even with the storms produced by December’s atmospheric river, also known as a Pineapple Express, we still have a ways to go. Reservoirs Up but Far From Full  Before we get too... MORE >

  • Smartscape: A Training Program for Landscape Professionals

    What You Missed Last Week on #LandscapeChat

    Smart Water Management Practices ValleyCrest Landscape Companies (@ValleyCrest) & Corona Tools (@CoronaTools) host #landscapechat every Wednesday at 2 p.m. ET/ 11 a.m. PT on Twitter to discuss the latest tips, trends and innovation in the green industry. On Wednesday, June 20, 2012, ValleyCrest’s Richard Restuccia (@H2Otrends), Director of Water Management Solutions, chatted with special guest Smartscape Arizona (@SmartscapeUA) on #landscapechat about how to adopt the smartest water management practices. Haley Paul, Program Director at Smartscape, shared how the program teaches responsible desert... MORE >

  • Man walking through the rain

    Save Your Rain for a Sunny Day

    Knowing my passion for water, one of my fellow workers sent me a great handbook on rainwater harvesting he came across while researching the topic for a client. I suggested he share some of his research in the form of a guest blog for ValleyCrestTakesOn. He did such a phenonmenal job I think he should be a regular contributor. If you like this post and want to read more from Mark, please leave a comment below. Rainwater Harvesting Inspiration My... MORE >

  • 08.03.11

    100 Ways Winner of the Day

    Congratulations Annika Knoppel of Aguanga, CA! You won a Hunter® Wireless Rain-Clik™ rain sensor as part of our 100 Ways, 100 Days campaign. You are one of 100 winners who won’t be running your sprinklers in the rain this coming wet season and reaping the benefits.  Everyone else – get on board and let the water savings pour in! Saving water doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Check back every day for the next 97 days for a new... MORE >

  • 07.21.11

    A Story of Rebates, Smarter Water Use and 34% Water Savings

    With all of the other issues that board members and managers wrestle with day to day, landscaping may not be at the top of their minds. But the cost of inefficiencies can add up. A typical community association uses nearly double the amount of water needed to maintain a healthy landscape. Often, boards and managers don’t know how much water they are using. In response to California’s ongoing drought, the community of Westaire in Martinez, Calif., wanted to conserve water... MORE >

  • Phoenix and its neighboring suburbs.

    Are City-Dwellers Better Water Savers Than Suburbanites?

    Water conservation is a hot topic in the desert, with threats of brown-outs in the next few years and drought constantly looming. Or, at least I thought it was a hot topic until I went looking for water conservation rebates in Phoenix. I found a few sites with comprehensive lists of rebates available around the Valley and was quite impressed as I scrolled through. The cities of Avondale, Chandler and Gilbert offer rebates for installing a smart controller on your... MORE >

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