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  • Water Restriction Violation

    5 Things You Need To Know: New Water Restrictions In California

    The State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) approved emergency drought regulations on July 15 prohibiting the application of potable water to outdoor landscapes in a manner that causes runoff. They also approved prohibiting potable water in a fountain or other decorative water feature unless the water is part of a recirculating system. The new water restrictions also bar residents and commercial water users from using drinkable water to hose off sidewalks and driveways, or wash cars without a shutoff nozzle. The... MORE >

  • Poop Scoop on the Beach for Water Quality by Kiwilad

    Water Quality: Every Drop Counts

    April 3, 2013 is the American Heart Association’s National Walking Day. If you have a dog take it on a walk with you, but if nature calls please pick up after your pet! Because, when it comes to water quality: Every Drop Counts. A recent walk with our dogs in our neighborhood got my husband and I seeing red! Don’t people know how bad it is when you don’t pick up after your dog?! Pet waste left in natural areas and... MORE >

  • Los Angeles River

    Unintended Consequence: The Los Angeles River

    The “Hollywood” Los Angeles River We’ve all (even the aquaphobes) have seen the dramatic chase scenes on the television or in a movie. You know, the one where the car is driving down an oversized concrete culvert with a trickle of water in the middle. Sometimes the cars splash through the shallow water and other times they accelerate up the paved slope only to flip over. Congratulations you have seen the Los Angeles River. In the spirit of the summer of... MORE >

  • Man walking through the rain

    Save Your Rain for a Sunny Day

    Knowing my passion for water, one of my fellow workers sent me a great handbook on rainwater harvesting he came across while researching the topic for a client. I suggested he share some of his research in the form of a guest blog for ValleyCrestTakesOn. He did such a phenonmenal job I think he should be a regular contributor. If you like this post and want to read more from Mark, please leave a comment below. Rainwater Harvesting Inspiration My... MORE >

  • Extreme!

    Are you obsessed?

    Some of us get a little carried away when it comes to the things we’re passionate about. Not sure if you’re going overboard? Here’s how you can tell. You might be obsessed with water management if: You wish commercial buildings had “How’s my irrigation system?” hotlines because you would call to report deficiencies On a romantic evening stroll, you stop to adjust errant pop-up heads in strangers’ yards You knock on the bathroom door to remind your guest not to flush... MORE >

  • Trees in the water cycle

    Missing: 10 Million Gallons of Water

    What is the Role of Trees in the Water Cycle Ranger Rick or Landscape Larry? Last century and 5 decades ago when I was a senior in high school my recommended career paths (based on an aptitude evaluation) were Landscape Architecture or Forestry. I chose Landscape Architecture, but have always been a tree hugger at heart. In an Urban Environment, Trees and Water are intertwined mutually beneficial to each other as well as the Environment as a whole. Here are... MORE >

  • Winners and tips 72-78

    100 Ways Winners of the Week

    Congratulations to this week’s winners! Anskje Tanna of Sarasota, FL Kevin Bernauer of Dallas, TX Les Lemasters of Chesapeake, VA Buffie Gold of Vista, CA Jane Bullock of Maitland, FL Linda Hjelle of Aurora, CO Casey Gnadt of Beaumont, CA You have each won a Hunter® Wireless Rain-Clik™ rain sensor as part of our 100 Ways, 100 Days campaign. You are among the 100 winners who won’t be running your sprinklers in the rain this coming wet season and reaping... MORE >

  • ss_Constructiongrademobilebulldozer

    AB 1881 is the New Norm but how is it Different from AB 325?

    In January 2010, AB 1881 went into effect in California, new sections were added to increase the efficient use of water in the landscape. It seems that most landscape architects and agencies are familiar with the new guidelines, but others in the industry have not acknowledged its mandates. The original ordinance, AB 325, was written and created in the middle of a 6-year drought. AB 325 was intended to make sure landscapes were watered efficiently however the tools were not... MORE >

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