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  • Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family

    How Thankful Are You for Water?

    In the spirit of being thankful, we would like to add water to the list. Whether turning on the faucet or having a smart controller turn on the irrigation system, we are thankful the water is always there. We are thankful for all the people, companies and equipment behind the scenes who help ensure the water continues to flow. So as you enjoy your Thanksgiving turkey this year we hope you will think about our thanks and also remember it... MORE >

  • Pat Mulroy speaking at WaterSmart Innovations Conference 2013

    3 Things I Loved About WaterSmart Innovations Conference

    Social Media at WaterSmart Innovations As soon as I saw the new mobile app for the WaterSmart Innovations Conference I knew this year Doug Bennett and his team stepped up their efforts in technology and social media.  The conference has always done a good job promoting themselves with Social Media, but this year was much better. There were two sessions about Social Media and a workshop teaching Social Media during the week.  Southern Nevada Water Authority placed five 50 inch... MORE >

  • WaterSmart Innovations 2012

    Social Media — Don’t get left behind

    In Socialnomics Erik Qualman tells us we don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it.  He also tells us the ROI of social media is your business will still exist in five years.  LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and blogs are making tremendous impacts on the water industry and business in general. Next month the WaterSmart conference is taking place in Las Vegas and we are there Tuesday October 2, from 8... MORE >

  • newspapers

    ValleyCrest in the News

    Did you know you can find articles by and about our bloggers all over the Web? If you enjoy reading ValleyCrest Takes On, check out these other resources to learn more! And don’t forget, you can follow on Twitter at @ValleyCrest. July IA Member Update spring newsletter: Richard offers a contractors’ perspective on the grassroots advocacy program Associa Living: On Associa’s website for Community Associations, Alan explains the value of adaptive plants and Richard shares summer turf watering tips. SHADE... MORE >

  • Growers Success Summit 2012

    Growers Success Summit 2012

    Still not sold on the value of social media for your business? Last week, Corona Tools hosted a panel discussion on the Power of Social Media for Growers, with panelists Richard Restuccia (ValleyCrest), Brenda Haas (The Gardenchat), Tchukki Andersen and Amy Tetreault (both TCIA) discussing the ways they use social media for their businesses. From building a loyal following to generating revenue, the panelists have found success with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more, and share ways that you can put these... MORE >

  • Lawn & Landscape Magazine interview


    Say what? If “tweetup” isn’t a regular part of your vocabulary, start getting used to it now! According to The Word Lover’s Guide to New Words a tweetup is a real world meeting between two or more people who know each other through the online Twitter service. At the 2011 Irrigation Association show in San Diego, ValleyCrest and Corona Tools organized a tweetup/live landscape chat at the Rain Bird booth that brought together visitors from around the show and around... MORE >

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