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  • Drought tolerant plants in the window at CBRE

    Four Ways Sustainability Improves Productivity

    Imagine using things in your office in a different way. CBRE did when they created the “Workplace360” initiative.  “Workplace 360” is a strategy maximizing employee productivity through technology, space utilization, sustainability, mobility and enhanced flexibility.  I recently toured their first “Workplace360” location in downtown Los Angeles and have to say, this is an office I would want to work in everyday. First WELL certified office space in the world The WELL Building Standard® is a certification given by DELOS®.  The certification... MORE >

  • Reuse or Replace Towel placard in a hotel

    Water Conservation: Corporate Theory Meets Reality

    Many organizations “try” to be good environmental stewards when it comes to water conservation. A co-worker likes the saying, “There is no trying. There is only doing.” So what happens when the corporate theory meets the reality of the front line worker? As I write this post I am on my second of three trips for the month. Almost every hotel where I stay provides the guest with an option to use a bath towel more than once or to... MORE >

  • Wine and Water Conservation

    Water Conservation on National Drink Wine Day

    Is it just a coincidence that President’s Day, February 18th is also National Drink Wine Day? Does the thought of the current or past Presidents increase your urge to drink wine either in celebration or in an attempt to drown your sorrows? (I imagine some of my friends on Facebook will chime in with answers to that question!) Can water conservation enthusiasts consume fermented grapes without feeling guilty? Why would anyone feel guilty about drinking wine? When water was cheap... MORE >

  • Slip n Slide

    Water Under the Bridge

    As I grow older it seems I am taking more time to reflect on where I’ve been and where I’m going.  Although I strongly believe in water conversation, I wasn’t always so inclined.  Really, most people weren’t. Back in the day water wasn’t really looked upon as a resource.  It was, well, just water. This wasn’t the case for my parents who grew up in the Oklahoma dust bowl era but for me, a kid in the 60’s, water was... MORE >

  • Dormant Lawn

    Brown is the New Green

    For years the Dallas/Fort Worth market has been on the forefront of seeding ryegrass into dormant turf for the winter.  Why seed ryegrass you ask?  (Ok, so you didn’t ask…but I’ll tell you anyway) Well, in this market the warm season turf, predominately Bermuda and St. Augustine, goes dormant in the winter, leaving the turf naturally brown. Years ago someone came up the idea of sowing ryegrass (a cool season turf) into dormant, warm-season lawns.  Magically, the brown grass became... MORE >

  • Fifty Shades of Grey Water

    Fifty Shades of Grey…Water

    Just to set the record straight… 1.   Yes, I did read the books (all 3 of them) 2.   No, you will not be forced to submit to using gray water or sign a contract (but a permit may be required) 3.   Using gray water does not have to be painful and there is a sub-culture of people from all walks of life who practice using gray water on a daily basis I am somewhat of an expert,... MORE >

  • Fenway

    Conservation Scores With Sports Fans

    Sometimes I get the Diamondbacks and the Razorbacks confused. A few of my best naps have been at Chase Field during a game. Just last week I learned the difference between a short stop and a catcher. So if you think I’m not a baseball fan, you are correct. Ok fine, I’m not much of a sports fan at all.* But I am a sustainability fan, so when the EPA’s New York City blog posted “The Greening of America’s Favorite Pastime”, I... MORE >

  • Pocahontas

    Summer Entertainment Series: Animation + Activism

    Is it fair to say most little girls aren’t programmed to love the color brown? From birth, girls know brown usually equals healthy, sensible, or old fashioned (like Cheerios, khaki pants, and wooden blocks). Some grow to love it, but it may take years. So what was Disney thinking in 1995 when they released Pocahontas, an animated movie starring an eco-friendly princess in a plain brown tunic? The princess-in-pastel-gown-gets-rescued-by-handsome-prince formula had always been their bread and butter, but Pocahontas seriously... MORE >

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