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  • Sustainable Water Drop by William Warby

    Best Sustainable Water Option for Irrigation

    What is the best sustainable water option for irrigation? Well (pun intended), it depends on where you live and whether you are building a new or retrofitting an existing irrigation system. But first let’s review sustainability.  What is Sustainability? There are 3 basic pillars of sustainability which must be considered and kept in balance: • Environmental • Social • Economic  Sustainable Water Source Options • Potable – traditionally the “go to” source for irrigation water. Metered, getting more expensive and for the last 100... MORE >

  • Starbucks logo

    Celebrity Sightings at Starbucks

    Starbucks is always a great place for people watching, but the location at the Commons in Calabasas is especially good for celebrity watching. I’m really more of a Peet’s person, but since this Starbucks is just across the freeway from ValleyCrest Corporate headquarters, I make an exception when I’m at the office.  I have seen many celebrities at the Starbucks, but you can imagine my surprise when I walked in and saw Britney Spears sitting with Brad Pitt.  If you’re a fan... MORE >

  • World Water Day 2012 - Water and Food Security

    Uninvited Parenting Advice: Eat Your Beans!

    If you’ve ever told your children “You’d better finish that; there are starving kids in China/Africa!” then you’ve probably also received the classic, petulant response, “So? It’s not like we’re going to mail them my leftovers.” If this dinnertime debate leaves you speechless and (internally) cursing the unfailing logic of your children, don’t worry- the UN has your back. March 22 is International World Water Day, an annual celebration instituted by the United Nations General Assembly as a means of focusing... MORE >

  • Southfork Snake River

    I’ve got to admit it’s getting better

    By the 22nd century the Earth will be breathing its last breath; the sky will no longer be visible through the pollution, people will have to wear special breathing masks because the air will be so unhealthy, humans will be so dependent on manufactured foods that they won’t even have the stomach enzymes to digest “real” food and the majority of plant and animal life will be extinct. At least that’s the premise of Terra Nova, Steven Spielberg’s new sci fi show on Fox... MORE >

  • East Garden at Galleria in Atlanta

    What’s Not To Love About Water…Fountains?

    Previously in I LOVE WATER…FOUNTAINS (But Not Everyone Does) it was clear I have some favorite water fountains. So, who doesn’t love water fountains? Namely owners and here are three reasons why: Illegal Water Use – during times of drought municipalities often implement water restrictions which may require the water  fountains to be turned off. Power – water weighs 8.34 pounds per gallon, which means Buckingham Fountain moves about 3500 tons of water each hour which takes a lot of energy and... MORE >

  • Rainbow Christmas Tree Photo Courtesy of

    How Green Is Your Yule* Tree?

    When it comes to tree selection this Holiday season, how sustainable are you? Unless your tree is flocked or a funky colored artificial (PVC) tree chances are your tree this year will be green, but is it sustainable? Previously we covered the connection of trees to water so you already know the many benefits trees have on the environment, but what happens when millions of trees are cut for temporary holiday displays and could an artificial tree perhaps actually be greener? 40 million... MORE >

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