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  • Blue Bug of Water Conservation

    We Were Bitten by the Blue Bug of Water Conservation

    In the post, “When Were You Bitten by the Green Bug”, the importance and success of early childhood education when it came to conservation was explored. The responses and comments on this site as well as in group discussions on LinkedIn were inspirational so I asked a two of my fellow contributors and other water lovers how they first became interested in water conservation. Charles Fishman – Journalist, Author of “The Big Thirst” I had the privilege of hearing Mr. Fishman... MORE >

  • bigthirst


    We’ve always exalted Charles Fishman’s book The Big Thirst on our blog, but recently he wrote an article for the New York Times I think just missed its mark in a couple of ways.  Charles Fishman is an asset to our industry and an excellent proponent for water management in the United States so I was excited to see him get space in the New York Times and use it to call for changes in water management.  I thought much... MORE >

  • Extreme!

    Are you obsessed?

    Some of us get a little carried away when it comes to the things we’re passionate about. Not sure if you’re going overboard? Here’s how you can tell. You might be obsessed with water management if: You wish commercial buildings had “How’s my irrigation system?” hotlines because you would call to report deficiencies On a romantic evening stroll, you stop to adjust errant pop-up heads in strangers’ yards You knock on the bathroom door to remind your guest not to flush... MORE >

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    WaterSmart Innovations Conference Is A Resounding Success

    There was  a tremendous amount of activity at last week’s WaterSmart Innovations Conference .  I counted 43 exhibitors, and attendance exceeded 800 people from 33 states and 9 countries.   More importantly, I felt the  attendees were serious about managing water more efficiently and the conversations were interesting and meaningful.  This was definitely the right crowd wanting to make a difference in water management. One of the best conversation I had was with Charles Fishman over coffee one morning.  Charles is... MORE >

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    “The Big Thirst” by Charles Fishman 1. References - on my Kindle the sources sited take up 40% of the book. In the print edition the references are in much smaller print so they take up less space, but they are still there. Unbelievably Fishman also makes them available on line. 2. Worldly Perspective - Fishman takes the reader on a journey around the world, into the galaxy and into the center of the earth. 3. Down to Earth -... MORE >

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