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  • Winners and Tips 23-29

    100 Ways Winners of the Week

    Congratulations to this week’s winners! Dave Schwebel of Palm Harbor, FL John Begani of Tampa, FL Jeff Clark of Orange, CA Ginny Haralson of Dallas, TX Kevin Peavler of Sarasota, FL David Silva of Sacramento, CA Kenny Jackson of Sacramento, CA You have each won a Hunter® Wireless Rain-Clik™ rain sensor as part of our 100 Ways, 100 Days campaign. You are among the 100 winners who won’t be running your sprinklers in the rain this coming wet season and... MORE >

  • Green Grass

    Green or Brown…What Color Is Your Lawn in an Extreme Drought?

    Are you wearing the Brown Badge of Conservation or the Green Badge of Excessive Watering? A less than vibrant green lawn demonstrates to your customers and the public you take conservation seriously. For many physiological reasons we like our luscious grass to be vibrant green year round, but most plants including grasses have a “rest period” when the green grass naturally wants to go slightly or all the way dormant.  Fescue, Rye and Blue Grass perform better during the months with lower... MORE >

  • Native landscaping


    Protect your landscape while making smarter use of vital natural resources. Sustainable landscaping is good for the environment and can impact the bottom line as well. Here are some landscape best practices that can improve a property and save money. Design your landscape with local climate, soil conditions and water requirements in mind. Create water zones so that plants with similar needs are grouped together and irrigation is more efficient. Reduce fertilizer requirements, improve pest tolerance and reduce green waste... MORE >

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