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  • Meeting of the Waters, Muckross Lake, Wicklow County, Ireland

    Water Management Issues Across The Pond

    I just spent ten days “on holiday” in Ireland.  You have probably heard Ireland referred to as “The Emerald Isle” and from what I have seen these past two weeks it is very apt appellation.  I drove through a land of  green pastures, hedgerows, forests, and dense thickets.  My schedule put me just ahead or just behind gentle rains allowing enjoyment of Ireland at its clean and shining best. After one particular day of white knuckle thrills driving on the... MORE >

  • Desal Plant Under Construction

    How Soon We Forget

    Out of sight, out of mind is how the saying goes and it holds especially true when it comes to water restrictions and water rationing after a drought is “over”. Want proof? Spin the globe to Australia where a 10 year drought “ended” in the fall of 2010 when the Big Dry turned into the Big Wet and the near empty reservoirs began to fill to as much as 120% capacity. During the Big Dry, parts of Australia were literally... MORE >

  • Plenty of Water

    We Have Plenty of Water

    I laugh when I hear people talk about a water shortage.  A shortage falsely implies there is a chance we could run out of water. While the total amount of water on the planet does not increase in volume, it also does not decrease.  We have had the same amount of water we have always had, about 326 million cubic miles and will continue to have the same amount of water as long as the earth and the atmosphere is... MORE >

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