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  • Water-saving tips for your Thanksgiving dinner


    Every Thanksgiving, we sit down to enjoy time with our family and share a wonderful bounty of food. All that entertaining and preparing not to mention the clean up, requires a tremendous amount of water. This year, let’s take a minute to think about how grateful we are for the water we have. Thanksgiving Dinner From Farm To Table It’s estimated that producing a typical Thanksgiving meal for six – from farm to table to clean-up – requires more than 30,000... MORE >

  • Montage Resort & Spa slope irrigation

    5 Excellent Perspectives: How to Irrigate a Slope

    Irrigation on a Slope: What is your experience? This was the question posed on LinkedIn’s group for the American Society of Landscape Architects. I was intrigued by the question about how to irrigate a slope. As I was gathering my thoughts to share my uniquely professional and sage advice, I started reading the great responses already posted. Disappointingly,  I soon realized I had nothing new to add and even read a few points I might not have suggested. Since the LinkedIn group... MORE >

  • Slip n Slide

    Water Under the Bridge

    As I grow older it seems I am taking more time to reflect on where I’ve been and where I’m going.  Although I strongly believe in water conversation, I wasn’t always so inclined.  Really, most people weren’t. Back in the day water wasn’t really looked upon as a resource.  It was, well, just water. This wasn’t the case for my parents who grew up in the Oklahoma dust bowl era but for me, a kid in the 60’s, water was... MORE >

  • Sustainable Urban Landscape Conference: The Bottom Line for Green is Black

    The Bottom Line for Green is Black

    The theme for the fourth annual Sustainable Urban Landscape conference being held at Cuyamaca College March 8 is “The Bottom Line for Green is Black,” examining the ways that good landscaping practices can be a profitable business model in addition to helping the environment. Architect John Picard, known as the “green prophet” for his pioneering work in sustainability is the key note speaker for event. He was a founding member of the U.S. Green Building Council, a trade organization that... MORE >

  • Lumia Water Fountain at Aria

    I Love Water…Fountains (But Not Everyone Does)

    The sound of moving water is usually associated with peace and tranquility. Visually, water fountains can evoke a variety of responses from pure, unadulterated awe to romantic ahhhs. My favorite water fountains include: Buckingham Fountain in Chicago was built in 1927, 3 pumps housed in 875 sq. ft. combine to provide 515 horse power to move over 14,000 gallons per minute of the 1.5 million gallons in the basin through 134 jets. When the wind is not blowing the central... MORE >

  • H2Overhaul

    The H2O Overhaul Challenge

    “H2Overhaul” seeks best ideas to include in next-generation water efficiency building projects around the world. Cassandra Cappello of Jovoto sent me the information below and I think this is an excellent opportunity for you to show others how you are literally saving water.  The challenge stared a few weeks ago, but there is still plenty of time for you to submit your concepts.  Please take a look,  rise up and accept the challenge. Come and check out one of the... MORE >

  • Jelly Beans

    Jelly Belly sets a high standard

    Or: How Mr. Jelly Belly Keeps His Toes Dry I’m getting used to reading press releases about ValleyCrest’s newest water saving partnerships. In July it was a couple homeowners associations in the Phoenix area (Remember Water Savings Worth Singing About?), in August it’s the Jelly Belly Candy Company corporate campus. This time ValleyCrest teamed up with HydroPoint Data Systems, Inc. and Jelly Belly to implement the WeatherTRAK Smart Water Management solutions on five and a half acres of turf, trees and shrubs... MORE >

  • Iguacu Falls by Frans Lanting via

    The Facts of Life

    The earth is flat, it’s the center of the universe, and it will always have plenty of freshwater for everyone. Some things we accept as fact for so long that we would never bother questioning them. But when contrary evidence starts to pop up, how long will it take to convert our former tightly-held beliefs and adapt our lifestyles to the new facts? The amount of moisture on Earth has not changed. The water the dinosaurs drank millions of years... MORE >

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