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  • Top 5 Water Management Posts 2014 final

    Top 5 Water Management Posts from 2014

    2014 was another great year for water management posts on A total of 53 posts about water management generated over 153,000 page views resulting from almost 113,000 visits. This was just under a 300% increase in traffic from 2013. Clearly there was a high interest in water management in 2014. While most of the visits were from the United Sates, the reach was truly international. Top 5 Water Management Countries United States Canada United Kingdom India Australia As might... MORE >

  • Contracts can establish water management procedure.

    Homeowner Associations – Water Management Starts With The Contract

    Equity Management held a symposium concerning the drought in California and what homeowner associations should be focused on for excellent water management. There were several great presentations including one from Jon Epsten, an attorney at Epsten Grinnell & Howell.  Jon’s presentation focused on how the scope of work and contract can make a significant difference in water management. He explained how the HOA contract can be a road map for the landscape contractor by identifying the key elements of saving... MORE >

  • DIG, Orbit and RainBird manifolds

    Are You Using The Best Point Source Emitter Manifold?

    Recently I had the “pleasure” of seeing multiple point source emitter manifolds blow out on a property, all from the same manufacturer and under ideal pressure. Considering so many properties are converting spray irrigation to drip irrigation I thought this would be a good opportunity to try out a couple manufacturers’ products and see which offers the best flow options, installation ease and withstands the overall test of time. Typically I try and stay away from ¼” tubing as an... MORE >

  • Planting area between turf and sidewalk.

    An Awesome Water Management Checklist…Even If You Hate Irrigation

    Let’s start with the assumption you are an awesome water manager or at least have responsibility for water management on a property.  Why would you need a checklist for water management? Creating checklists for routine and complex procedures helps you manage a specific set of parameters on a regular basis.  As more tools become available to measure water use, consistency in management is a critical success factor. So, if you can consistently review these four basic items on your landscape... MORE >

  • Sustainable Water Drop by William Warby

    Best Sustainable Water Option for Irrigation

    What is the best sustainable water option for irrigation? Well (pun intended), it depends on where you live and whether you are building a new or retrofitting an existing irrigation system. But first let’s review sustainability.  What is Sustainability? There are 3 basic pillars of sustainability which must be considered and kept in balance: • Environmental • Social • Economic  Sustainable Water Source Options • Potable – traditionally the “go to” source for irrigation water. Metered, getting more expensive and for the last 100... MORE >

  • Top 5 Posts about Water Management from 2013

    Top 5 Posts About Water Management from 2013

    2013 was a great year for water management posts on A total of 53 posts about water management generated over 55,000 page views resulting from almost 35,000 visits. While most of the visits were from the United Sates, the reach was truly international. Top 5 Countries United States Canada United Kingdom India Australia As might be expected, the people most interested in water management and water conservation were from areas of the country experiencing severe drought thus showing once... MORE >

  • Sad Santa

    Santa is Blue this Christmas! The New Norm?

    Don’t worry Santa is not depressed, nor has he suddenly decided to take up the Blue Crusade for Water…though Richard certainly has Santa scurrying to fulfill his water management wishes. Santa is blue this year because WestJet Airlines decided to put Santa in a blue suit for what can only be described as an absolutely brilliant and heart touching marketing campaign with over 30 million views. If you have not seen the video, be sure to have a box of... MORE >

  • Not all signs of too much water are this easy to spot.

    Four Signs You Are Overwatering Your Plants

    Giving your plants too much water is one of the biggest issues I see in landscapes today.  The mistake of overwatering your plants is not easy to diagnose.  In many instances too much water mimics the signs of too little water.  Below are four signs you can easily recognize to determine if you are giving your landscape too much water. Your plant is wilting but it looks like it has plenty of water Roots are critical to plant life. They... MORE >

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