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  • Irrigation Run Off

    10 Reasons I Hate Irrigation…and what you can do to make me love them

    1. Run off – once water starts to run off from the landscape onto drives and sidewalks the soil has reached the saturation point and can not absorb any more water. The amount of time this takes to occur varies based on head type, soil type, compaction and slope. SOLUTION: Use a “cycle and soak” feature where the zone runs for a shorter amount of time, but may run more than once per watering cycle. 2. Misting – next time... MORE >

  • Spring Irrigation Audit

    Prepare your irrigation system for the Spring

    Irrigation systems are like cars. The older they get the more components start to break down. After the irrigation system has been dormant for a few months there is a high probability that some components will need to be replaced when the system is brought on line in the spring. This is a good time to conduct an irrigation audit to determine how efficiently water is being used.   Things to look for: Sprinkler heads spaced too far apart which... MORE >

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