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  • santaynez1

    If You Have a Problem We Have a Solution.

    BACKGROUND The scenic canyon location of this Santa Ynez community is a major draw for residents who enjoy views from the Santa Monica Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. But the hillside slopes surrounding the community proved problematic for the homeowners’ association. Faced with an aging irrigation system prone to breaking, the board decided to take action to prevent costly water loss from ruptures and to address serious soil erosion problems threatening homes. PROJECT SCOPE Santa Ynez Homeowners’ Association was experiencing... MORE >

  • Lumia at Aria

    I LOVE WATER…FOUNTAINS (But Not Everyone Does)

    The sound of moving water is usually associated with peace and tranquility. Visually, water fountains can evoke a variety of responses from pure, unadulterated awe to romantic ahs. My favorite water fountains include: Buckingham Fountain in Chicago was built in 1927, 3 pumps housed in 875 sq. ft. combine to provide 515 horse power to move over 14,000 gallons per minute of the 1.5 million gallons in the basin through 134 jets. When the wind is not blowing the central... MORE >

  • Cypress Swamp Drought


    Towards the end of June 2011 an article appeared in The Palm Beach Post News about the very serious drought in South Florida and the possibility of West Palm Beach running out of water in a matter of days. With the help from nature in the form of much needed rainfall the immediate disaster of running out of water was postponed, but the underlying problems still reside. While the article is good and informative I was more intrigued with the comments... MORE >

  • 1B4207429A


    We have all heard the term, “Inspect what you expect.”  Measurement of performance is one of the quickest ways to inspire change.  The landscape irrigation industry could benefit from better tools to measure the amount of water used on a daily basis. The non-profit group Charity Water ( recently focused on a project done at Teague, a manufacturing firm. Teague measured the amount of water flowing through their office kitchen faucet.  They were concerned about this because of the ease... MORE >

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