03.15.11Eric Santos

Prepare your irrigation system for the Spring

Spring Irrigation Audit

Irrigation systems are like cars. The older they get the more components start to break down.

After the irrigation system has been dormant for a few months there is a high probability that some components will need to be replaced when the system is brought on line in the spring. This is a good time to conduct an irrigation audit to determine how efficiently water is being used.


Things to look for:

  • Sprinkler heads spaced too far apart which results in poor water distribution and dry spots. To compensate, the system is often set to operate longer, which results in over-watering.
  • Low water pressure can also lead to poor coverage and wind drift. It is often the result of valves, meters, piping, too many heads or other components of the irrigation system.
  • High water pressure indicates an absence of a proper pressure regulation device and is often characterized by excessive misting that easily evaporates or is blown by the wind.

Correcting deficiencies discovered in an irrigation audit will reduce water waste, help lower water bills and improve the health of the landscape.

Eric Santos

Eric Santos has over 17-year of experience in landscape irrigation and has focused on irrigation technology and recycled water retrofits throughout his career. As the Division Leader for Irrigation and Water Management, Eric provides oversight and support of irrigation operations for the maintenance division and leads the division’s rigorous irrigation training program. Eric holds every Irrigation Association Certification in landscape irrigation and serves on the Irrigation Associations Education Foundation’s Board of Trustees and as Vice Chair of the Irrigation Associations Contractor Common Interest Group.


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