Are We Making a Difference?

What It's All About - Happy New Year

Every 60 seconds 60 new blogs launch and 1500 posts are published.  Our pace of life seems to be accelerating like never before, so as we move into 2012, I ask myself, “Is ValleyCrest Takes On making a difference?”

Since our launch date six months ago, we’ve had more than 22,000 page views but more importantly, our visitors stick.  Readers are spending three times longer on our blog than the national average, and as we continue to grow, I’m inspired by the contributors who have made this blog what it is.

I’m inspired by the number of readers who take time out of their busy day to read our posts thoroughly and comment on our perspective.  Most of all, I’m inspired by everyone who has participated to make ValleyCrest Takes On what it is today.

Domestically, the states bringing the most readers are California, Florida, Texas, and Arizona.  Florida, with low water prices and high well water use,  is the most interesting to me. Most people believe low water prices and “free” well water leads to careless water usage. The people from the Sunshine State are proving us wrong. Go Sunshine State!  And whoever you are in Winnetka, thank you, we would love to have you make more comments.

Although traffic in the U.S. is impressive, I’m encouraged that this is becoming a global conversation.  Readers are consistently visiting us from Canada, India, the United Kingdom, and Australia.  We’re also picking up momentum with visitors from Africa and the Netherlands. ValleyCrest Takes On is having an increasing global impact.

In honor of the first six months of ValleyCrest Takes On, I’d like to take a moment to review our most read posts of 2011.  As you can see, readers still like lists.  They also like the technical, hands-on approach to irrigation, as well as the more controversial and human interest blogs like “Unintended Parenting Advice” and “How Green Is Your Yule Tree.”  It’s been amazing to watch the “Yule Tree” post take off in particular.  It’s been less than a month since Alan Harris wrote that post and the article has already rocketed into the top 10.

So after careful review and consideration of the data, I say. “Yes, we (all of us) are making a difference in water conservation.” Thanks  to all of you who comment, read and contribute and here’s to an even more robust conversation in 2012.

Our Top Ten Visited Blog Posts

  1. Landscape Irrigation – Saving Water Isn’t Complicated
  2. Class vs. Scheduled PVC Pipe and What You Need to Know
  3. 10 Easy Ways to Make Your Landscape More Efficient Today
  4. 10 Reasons I Hate Irrigation and What You Can Do To Make Me Love Them
  5. Uninvited Parenting Advice
  6. What Color PVC Pipe Is Right for What Application
  7. How Green Is Your Yule Tree
  8. Water Is Free
  9. Rain Sense and Sensibility
  10. Pay It Forward

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Richard Restuccia


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Richard Restuccia

Richard Restuccia is a water management evangelist. He believes passionately in water efficiency and sees the financial and social benefits far too often to keep a secret. As the Director for Water Management Solutions at ValleyCrest, Richard is our spokesperson at industry events and on the Hill to provide direction and insight on landscape water management best practices. Richard puts his words into action through service on various boards and committees including the Government and Regulatory Affairs Committee for the Irrigation Association, the San Diego Water Conservation Action Committee and was a founding member of the Central Control Users’ Group in the Central Valley of California.



  1. Thursday, 12:03 Alan Harris

    There have been so many great, entertaining and informative posts in 2011 I bet you are glad you had some data available to pick the Top 10 and that was from only 6 months worth of posts! Just think, you’ll have twice as many to choose from in 2012. Hey…I’m making a comment so I guess I’m helping to make a difference too.

  2. Thursday, 4:19 Dan Puthuff

    I have really enjoyed following the “Takes On” blog posts this year–great content with a touch of humor. I agree with your conclusion that you should carry on into 2012…keep ‘em coming!

  3. Friday, 3:57 Brad Smith

    I just want to add my two cents… I have very much enjoyed these and have saved a number of them!

    Thanks and I look forward to 2012!

  4. Tuesday, 7:28 Jeavonna Chapman

    This blog is one of my favorites. Water management is an important issue. People don’t think about it untilthey run out of they are up to their knees in it. Planning and preparedness are crucial. Thanks for the insight.

  5. Tuesday, 8:12 Mary Baker

    I enjoy reading the posts and the ideas, attitudes and trends they discuss. Keep them coming! And…all the best to you in the New Year!

  6. Wednesday, 9:01 Chris @CoronaTools

    Great post Richard and keep doing what you are doing! It all helps in getting the word out and making a difference. Looking forward to more great sharing and posts in 2012. Happy new year to you and all the folks at ValleyCrest.

  7. Thursday, 12:01 Bob Andrews


    This is a great rescouce! I believe it is a critical topic for all of us water consumers to consider.

    The planet relies on us being responsible with water!


    Bob Andrews

  8. Monday, 7:45 Warren Gorowitz

    Congrats to you Richard and the entire Valley Crest social media team for putting together a great blog. I enjoy reading each of the articles and always appreciate the thought provoking discussion. I’m looking forward to what new things you’ll be bringing to our attention in 2012!

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