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Labor Day 2014 in the World of Water Management

Labor Day 2014Thank you to all the people who work hard in the world of water management.



To the Irrigation Technicians, Irrigation Supervisors, Irrigation Manufacturers and all the people who do the work in the field to help ensure we only use the water we need…Thank You! May you have a safe and restful Labor Day weekend.

Sourcing informative, interesting, relevant information about irrigation and water management is a challenging task, but pales in comparison to the hard work that takes place in the field. These men and women work hard each week and truly make a difference every day in the world of water conservation and irrigation management. Thank you for the fine work you do every day (and sometimes at night for emergencies)

Here are a few very entertaining or useful videos about water conservation and irrigation management to help you pass the time on this Labor Day Weekend. Help make these videos go viral this weekend by sharing this post on Facebook, Twitter or your favorite social channel.



2014 Labor Day Water Conservation Videos

This year’s videos and one audio file are from California, Texas, Colorado and Florida. The selections are from water authorities, state agencies and even a student project.

Water Conservation Made Smart and Sexy - San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

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Lawn Whisperer Halftime - Tarrant Regional Water District

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Water Conservation PSA 2014 – Roddy’s Beard

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Don’t Be That Guy (audio) by Denver Water


Your Irrigation System: Piece by Piece - UF/IFAS IrriGators 

Your irrigation system: piece by piece from UF/IFAS IrriGators on Vimeo.


2013 Labor Day Water Conservation Videos

  • Lawn vs. Lake
  • Flower had a little too much…
  • Dumb Grass
  • Little Old Lady, Puppies and Speedos Oh My!
  • Urban Conservation

If we missed one of your favorite water conservation PSA videos, just add a link in the comments. Remember to please share this post with a friend, check out my previous posts, follow me on Twitter @h2oMatters and check out water stories I am reading on Flipboard:



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