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For the Love of Water

Love of Water - puzzled hearts by Hai Linh Truong
What will you do for the love of water?

puzzled hearts courtesy of Hai Linh Truong

Are you like Dory from Finding Nemo and love all things shiny? Good news, according to “Taking a shine to it: How the preference for glossy stems from an innate need for water” published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology¹ (JCP) the love of shiny may be “from an innate preference for fresh water as a resource.” The JCP goes on to recognize “the presence of water has a relaxing and peaceful quality and has a positive influence on people’s level of restoration when feeling worried or stressed.” (PDF) 

Taking Care of Water

How do you take care of the things you love? Do you protect and preserve that which you love? There are many ways to protect and preserve water, but when it comes to water in the landscape making sure to only use the minimum amount of water needed means taking advantage of the latest advances in irrigation product design and irrigation technologies.

For the Love of Irrigation

As we transition into the winter months most irrigation systems are either off or running on a greatly reduced schedule. Now is a great time to start planning for changes and upgrades before the 2015 growing season starts. Here are 5 recommendations for consideration:

  1. Flow Sensor
  2. Low Flow Nozzles
  3. Smart Controller
  4. Fix Leaks
  5. Just Say No…to runoff

If you want more to suggestions check out recommendations from our friends at Denver Water. Be sure to also check out your local water authority for irrigation recommendations or use ours.

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

One of our loyal readers emailed me “Our Love of Shiny, Glossy Things Goes Back to Our Need for Water” from The Daily Stat published in the Harvard Business Review. The article was a brief summary and referenced the study in the JCP . Thanks Pam for being a loyal reader and keeping us informed on non-traditional sources for water news.

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(1) Meert, K., et al., Taking a shine to it: How the preference for glossy stems from an innate need for water, Journal of Consumer Psychology (2013),


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Alan Harris

Alan Harris is a water management pioneer. With roots in landscape architecture, Alan has worked with irrigation throughout his career experimenting with hydrozones and a variety of high efficiency irrigation systems. Now, over thirty years in the landscape industry, Alan continues to stay apprised of the latest technology even in a sales leadership capacity as our Director of Sales Operations for our landscape maintenance division. In addition to his contributions to this blog, Alan keeps his hand in water management as a regular contributor to Lawn & Landscape Magazine and speaker at WaterSmart Innovations Conference.


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  1. Wednesday, 10:00 Richard Restuccia

    Alan, great article as usual. I think you are right on target when you examine our relationship to water. In the past we know this to be true about animals, learning it to be true with plants and now water. Thanks for all your great posts.

  2. Wednesday, 10:24 Alan Harris

    @Richard – thanks for the your kind comments and being a loyal reader

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