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Water Conservation Message Hits Prime Time

Water Message Coaster
Certified Blue restaurants bars in Athens may place your beverage on a coaster with a water conservation message. Remember to fix irrigation leaks too!

Water authorities and government agencies are consistently promoting the water conservation message. However, when the water conservation message is picked up by a prominent company in a national commercial it gets much more attention and recognition.

If you blinked, went to the restroom or fast forwarded the television last night you may have missed the water conservation message bring broadcast on mainstream media channels. Rain is a 30 second commercial spot for the Toyota Prius playing during primetime television shows. In fact, according to the commercial has been aired over 2200 times!

The commercial features a boy sitting in the driveway patiently waiting with a bucket ready to wash the family car. The proud parents watch from the kitchen as the father says, “My son is going to wash the family Prius. He insisted on using the rain to save water.”

Since so many people use a DVR or TiVo to fast forward through commercials you may have missed this water conservation message, but Toyota has a YouTube channel where over 500,000 people have voluntarily viewed “Rain”. Thank goodness for YouTube!

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More Water Conservation Messages

Next time you are in Athens, GA (Go Dawgs!) don’t be surprised when you visit one of the twenty six (and growing) Certified Blue restaurants or bars  and your beverage is placed on a coaster with a water conservation message. If you are lucky you might even be able to trade the coaster in for a water conservation t-shirt at the Athens Clarke County Water Conservation Office. The program according to Water Conservation Coordinator, Marilyn Hall, “recognizes restaurants and bars who are leaders in water conservation.” She also notes the benefit to “help the water conservation office spread the word to customers and staff about how to save water when they are out and about”.  Hall knows, “with consistent messaging throughout the day water conservation will become more  of a habit for people.”

Water Conservation Messages in Your Local Businesses

Is there a business in your community promoting water conservation? Please describe or add a link below in the comment session. The more the water conservation message is brought into the daily conservation the better the results will be.

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